5 Profound Changes Since Lifebook

By: Jenn Wille

Since going to Lifebook, my life has changed so significantly and I couldn’t be happier or more grateful for the experience.  I tell everyone I know about it and fully believe it was the catalyst for profound change in my life.

Here is a quick recap of some of these changes:

1.  I officially resigned from my career as a teacher/instructional coach.
2. I hired an interior decorator to help make our living space as tranquil as can be.
3.  I am now working as a relational consultant with a fellow Lifebooker and am also a Certified Professional Life Coach— learning the ropes to starting a business of my own.
4.  My husband and I are in the process of buying a home, and the greatest change of all was my realization while at Lifebook that I do, absolutely want to have children some day.  This was a huge turn-around for me after years of overwhelm at work that turned me away from the idea.  Finally realizing this has given me profound clarity and deeper meaning for my life.
5.  I am feeling more confident physically, more mentally & emotionally aware, and overall more mindful and grounded within than ever before!

I owe this all to Lifebook.  It really changed my life and I am SO incredibly happy to be exactly where I am at and continue to be in my life.

Thank you for creating such an incredible program!

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