Wouldn’t it be great if we lived in a world where you didn’t have to do anything special to accomplish your goals?   Like, the more pizza you ate and the less you exercised, the thinner and more beautiful you became? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the way to make more money was to pay less attention to your career, do less work, play video games and watch TV all day… And the money would just come flying in? In a world like this, people would ask, “How is it that you two have such a remarkable marriage?” And you’d say, “Well, we never spend time together. We simply don’t communicate. We put no energy into our relationship whatsoever – and look at how great things are for us. We’re just so happy together!” They’d ask, “How did your kids turn out so great? What’s your secret?” and you’d say, “We never gave them any guidance… We never really taught them anything… We never played with them… As a matter of fact, we didn’t put any energy into them at all… And look how they turned out! We couldn’t be more proud.” Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we lived in a world where all of our desires just naturally materialized with no effort on our part? Why doesn’t the world work that way?   Well, the answer is really interesting…  And a super smart guy named Issac Newton explained it in detail about 300 years ago. It’s called ENTROPY.

NOW UPDATED TO INCLUDE WEEK 4! The Lifebook Marines are doing a KILLER workout routine during the month of May. It's  based on a real Navy Seals training program, which focuses on timed resistance training and hard core runs. It is a KICK ASS routine that's guaranteed to have you SHREDDED by June 1! Anyone out there want to join the Lifebook Marines? PLEASE NOTE: This is a serious workout routine for serious athletes, so please don't attempt it if you're not in excellent shape already! Mentally insert 10 paragraphs of legal boilerplate language here, holding me, Lifebook, my grandma and my future generations harmless, blameless and otherwise not-liable for any self-inflicted damage done by people who can't figure out how to take responsibility for themselves:-) I'll post the workouts week by week during the month of May. Here's the first week's routine:

What have been the "defining moments" of your life? What are the most important situations and events you've experienced that have shaped you as a human being? Have you ever experienced an event that was so deeply intense, or powerful, or scary or or moving that it changed you to the core? I think it's difficult to get through life without having at least a few experiences like that... And if you live the way Missy and I do, you'll probably encounter a few more than average. We spend the winters in a different part of the world every year with our children. Last year we lived on the beautiful island of Bali for 5 months, the year before we had an epic South East Asian Adventure... And this year we decided to live in the Middle East; the Arab Emirates, Oman, Lebanon and Egypt. Travel is one of our greatest passions. We've enjoyed over 20 years of intense, focused, adventure travel together. We've shared MANY life-changing experiences, which have made us smarter, shaped our lives, our parenting philosophy and our relationship. But nothing could have prepared us for what we would experience in Cairo in the winter of 2011…

Our January Lifebook challenge was inspired by our dear friend, Sean Stephenson, who wrote a great book called “Get Off Your But!” (you can order it below). All Lifebook Members who join the challenge will receive a free gift – and the Challenge winner will receive the grand prize!

We all have our BIG BUTS. And we’ve gotten really good at using them as a cushion for not taking action on things we KNOW we should be doing.

“I was going to start my diet last week, BUT…” "I realize I missed my deadline, BUT…” “I know I said I’d call, BUT…” “I really want to quit my job and start my own business, BUT…”



All VIPs who join this challenge will receive a free gift (see sign up rules below). The VIP who reports the most success will win the grand prize (must submit 3rd party verification).

This December, I will watch my loved ones stuff themselves with cookies, pie and gravy, yet I will exercise the discipline of a MARINE.

I will participate in a holiday boot camp of my own design. I will ENJOY feeling a little bit hungry. I will enjoy saying NO to that which does not make me stronger. I will emerge from this holiday season better, stronger and faster.

People often ask me, what's the best way to USE your Lifebook? Well, just like with most other things in life, I guess the answer is, whatever works FOR YOU! I know some people who spend 15 minutes with their Lifebook every morning at breakfast. Other people I know spend a couple hours solid on weekends. Many of our VIP Members do a deep dive into a category per month as they go through the VIP Program... Personally, I use my Lifebook

When it comes to travel, the question Missy and I are most often asked is, “What was your favorite trip ever?” The answer to that question is simple; there is NO WAY we can answer that question! Every trip we’ve taken has been different and wonderful in it’s own way… From luxurious indulgences in SE Asia to challenging safaris in sub-Saharan Africa, from short romantic getaways in Europe to extended stays in 3rd world countries, from rainforest treks with our friends to awesome educational adventures with our kids… It's just impossible to single out one travel experience as our favorite trip ever. But Missy and I really DO want to share some of our travel experiences with you, so we created a series of posts that outline some of our favorite trips BY THEME.

Transylvania, surrounded by the mighty Carpathian mountains of Central Romania, is one of Europe’s best kept secrets... Missy and I spent a week driving through this beautiful region and it was one of the most unusual and enjoyable travel adventures we’d ever had together. From the moment we crossed the border from Hungary, it was “goodbye Starbuck’s and McDonald’s” and we spent the next 7 days exploring ancient castles, virgin forests, medieval towns and rural villages that haven’t changed much since the 18th century. The name Transylvania conjures up images of vampires, werewolves and haunted castles – and there is a very good reason for that...

Myanmar, formerly Burma, is one of the most mysterious and undiscovered destinations in the world. One of South East Asia’s largest and most diverse countries, it is situated on the vast Indian Ocean in between the two great Asian civilizations of India and Thailand. A land of breathtaking beauty and charm, it has only recently begun to emerge into the modern world. Myanmar is called “the MOST Buddhist country on earth”. And for good reason…

Two of our dearest friends were invited to attend a wedding in La Paz, Bolivia (how random is that?) and they asked us if we wanted to join them. Heck yes! (it doesn’t take much to get Missy and me to jump at a chance to go somewhere we’ve never been before…) And we all decided that, since we’ll be in the neighborhood, we should stop by Machu Piccu in Peru to take in one of the world’s most awesome sights at the same time! So off we flew! Miami to Panama, Panama to Ecuador, then over the great desert lake of Titicaca and straight on to Bolivia...