Throughout my life I have mistakenly, or arrogantly, assumed that I had certain things figured out. Then life steps in and slaps me in the face and awakens me to the fact that I am not as aware as I had thought. Life has been a constant progression through levels of understanding balanced by humbling events that reveal my lack of understanding. Every peak turns out to be nothing more than a plateau on the way to the next peak. Then came the opportunity to participate in Lifebook's VIP Bootcamp in January. It has been exhilarating, and as I set February goals I felt that I finally understood the discipline that successful goal attainment demands. The last week of February was a mess, however. I had forgotten to account for an event that would demand about 20 hours of my time that week. Everything fell apart that week and once again I was left with the realization that I did not know as much as i thought i did.

Since I entered Lifebook I have had a great awakening in my life. I realized that I had been holding myself back and had left my inhibitions become the rulers of my life. I have since become aware of all my actions and the consequences...

What to Expect:
  • 3 Fascinating Days of Profound Personal Discovery
Our 5-star member experience team welcomes you to dress comfortably during your 3 days of personal development. We recommend wearing layers so that you can easily adjust if the room feels warm or cool for you. The schedule outline is as follows:


Doors open at 7:30 am Session begins at 8 am Lunch at 1:30 pm Day ends at 6:45 pm


Doors open at 7:30 am Session begins at 8 am Lunch at 1:30 pm Day ends at 7:00 pm Followed by cocktail party


Doors open at 7:30 am Session begins at 8 am Lunch at 12:35 pm Day ends at 3:00 pm

I have attended many self development seminars in the past and have been on a quest to learn anything that can give me an edge in all aspects of life. I saw many industry transformers take the Lifebook experience and gave it great reviews, so I...

You might already know about Dr. Masaru Emoto, the Japanese “scientist” who magically turns normal rice into gross rice, simply by yelling at it. But for the uninitiated, Dr. Emoto gained international fame from the film What the Bleep Do We Know?!, where he studied the affects of conscious intention on water molecules. During his experiment, Dr. Emoto separated water into one hundred petri dishes and assigned each dish a fate: good or bad. He then rallied a group of approximately 2,000 people in Tokyo to focus positive or negative intentions on the water samples. The good water was blessed and praised, and the bad water was scolded with aggression. Each petri dish was then frozen, allegedly under the same conditions. When the frozen water was viewed under a microscope, the water which had been praised and valued had rearranged itself into beautiful crystalline structures. The “negative” water was deformed, showing a lack of symmetry and more overall jaggedness and darkness.

Submitted by Laurie Gentempo Since going through Lifebook, I have experienced a huge shift in my consciousness.  I am looking at everything differently. Thanks for everything Lifebook IS. I realized how much is brought to the experience by the participants.  WOW!  I made great friends and deepened my...

There’s one single behavior that, if changed, could radically alter the course of your life. What is it for you? Whether you want to implement a new positive behavior, or eliminate a limiting behavior, this exercise has the power to revolutionize the way you live! Is there an area of your life that isn’t working at the level you’d like it to? Ask yourself what ONE THING you’re consistently doing (or NOT doing) that is preventing you from reaching your full potential. Then get ready to take massive action! In the words of Jack Canfield, it’s time to “try on some new behaviors to see if they produce better results!” Here’s how: First, get crystal clear on the behavior you intend to transform. Then, answer Jon's 3 powerful questions to get ultra-conscious about exactly where you are now, and where this behavior will take you. 

Submitted by Katie Mark I always recoil when I hear the phrase "time flies". There's something almost hurtful about believing that this precious commodity escapes. In my very first week of the Lifebook Bootcamp, when we made our stop doing lists, I was stunned to see how many of the habits that I had classified as "good" had become drains... I realized that while time might not fly in my book, it does leak and drip and ooze. I looked at all the ways I habitually spent time doing things that were just keeping me busy and I found so many things to stop....

When it comes to creating an extraordinary quality of life, there is no understating the importance of atmosphere and ambiance, and one of the most effective ways to create an unparalleled setting is by leveraging the power of music. Music may very well be our species’ greatest contribution to this universe.  It stimulates us on all levels – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  It penetrates our very soul.  And recent studies show that music alters our brain waves, and the way we perceive the world around us.  Simply put, music opens us up, and changes the way we live. Could there be a simpler, more effective strategy for creating immediate positive transformation in our lives? We don’t think so.  Which is why we’ve outlined some of our favorite artists and albums in 4 fantastic musical categories, for your enjoyment. We recommend that you explore these recommendations on iTunes by browsing their various albums to find your favorites before purchasing.  Or you can stream them online for free on spotify or grooveshark. Here’s to setting the mood…