Written by Lifebook Member Candace C. Wow…I guess all I can say is I'm in love. ;) In love with Lifebook! I went through a divorce this past summer. At that point, I couldn't believe I did it. I left a relationship that I felt unsupported in. Now what was going to happen with my life?? I was heading in a different direction then I thought my life was going to go. I was really nervous about my future and felt like the world was open to me, but I didn't know what to do, where to go, or even who I even was. I had been with the same man for 10 years. Two weeks after I moved out, I took the free introspect assessment and received a very low score…my life was "compromised". Very upsetting at the time. I remember feeling nervous about attending the live session because I was worried I wouldn't know myself well enough to even get anything written down in my book. Boy I was wrong! By the end, I was so focused and realized I knew who I was all along, I just lost myself and I didn't have a plan! I would consider myself an over achiever, I have a successful business with over 20 employees, I'm on 4 boards and raise about $100k annually for charity...but I never goal set. I end up waiting until the last minute, but some how always pull it off and usually give a better presentation then someone who had three times as much time. But it stresses me out to live that way and I know I'm limiting my success working that way too. Since going through this program, I've been able to set all my goals necessary and work weekly and daily in a more productive way. I'm also living amuck more balanced life and not spending all my time working.

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini will interview Lifebook's Sandra Garest on his radio show this week. The topic will be, "Money Tips to Create an Ideal Life."  Are money issues holding you back or propelling you to move forward? What is your belief about money? Join an engaging...

Wouldn’t it be great if we lived in a world where you didn’t have to do anything special to accomplish your goals?   Like, the more pizza you ate and the less you exercised, the thinner and more beautiful you became? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the way to make more money was to pay less attention to your career, do less work, play video games and watch TV all day… And the money would just come flying in? In a world like this, people would ask, “How is it that you two have such a remarkable marriage?” And you’d say, “Well, we never spend time together. We simply don’t communicate. We put no energy into our relationship whatsoever – and look at how great things are for us. We’re just so happy together!” They’d ask, “How did your kids turn out so great? What’s your secret?” and you’d say, “We never gave them any guidance… We never really taught them anything… We never played with them… As a matter of fact, we didn’t put any energy into them at all… And look how they turned out! We couldn’t be more proud.” Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we lived in a world where all of our desires just naturally materialized with no effort on our part? Why doesn’t the world work that way?   Well, the answer is really interesting…  And a super smart guy named Issac Newton explained it in detail about 300 years ago. It’s called ENTROPY.

Believe it or not, there are only TWO MONTHS left in 2011!  Now is the time to get out your goals list and make a plan to close the gap between where you are now and where you said you wanted to be at the end of this year! We are COMMITTED to seeing you succeed in everything you set out to accomplish.  We are on the sidelines, rooting you on and cheering at all your hard work.  We are with you every step of the way, offering guidance, support and motivation.  WE BELIEVE IN YOU. So here’s some motivational love with 6 visual reminders to keep you FOCUSED ON and MOVING TOWARD what matters most as you break through the last two months and cross the 2011 finish line with FORCE!

If we were to knock on your front door RIGHT NOW, would you be embarrassed to let us in and give us a tour? What does your home, as it really is, say about you as a person? Does it make you proud? As a Lifebook Member you understand the importance of your environments and the feedback loop they create. The qualities a space radiates can permeate every aspect of our lives. If we live in a disorganized, hectic and stressful environment, our lives will be disorganized, hectic and stressful, because that is what we are surrounded by. Likewise, if we are surrounded every day by beauty, tranquility and sensuality, our lives will literally be more beautiful, tranquil and sensual. Our environments should be in perfect harmony with the people we want to be. Therefore, we must create environments that clearly project the values, moods and feelings that we want in our life on a continuous basis. Here are “5 Tips To Transform Your Space” into a consciously designed expression of YOU:

How amazing would it feel to start each day with a whole bunch of short, empowering, POSITIVE MESSAGES to turn your POWER ON and get you ready for a STELLAR DAY?! Well, our newest Lifebook Members think it would be really cool! They're calling themselves, TEAM POSITIVE, and they've committed to sharing one powerful, motivating thought or inspirational message with each other EVERY SINGLE DAY! Could be as short at 1 word, or it might be a couple paragraphs. The point is, they're going to share the love, people! Creating the life vision we defined in our Lifebook is a BIG JOB, and we can use all the help we can get, right?! As Lifebook Members, we SHOULD encourage, support and inspire each other as much as possible along the way. One positive, uplifting thought can have an immense impact on someone's entire day. Together, we can make a BIG DIFFERENCE in each others lives! So... Anyone out there want to join TEAM POSITIVE and help us make this happen?! If so, subscribe to the RSS feed and leave a positive message below!

What have been the "defining moments" of your life? What are the most important situations and events you've experienced that have shaped you as a human being? Have you ever experienced an event that was so deeply intense, or powerful, or scary or or moving that it changed you to the core? I think it's difficult to get through life without having at least a few experiences like that... And if you live the way Missy and I do, you'll probably encounter a few more than average. We spend the winters in a different part of the world every year with our children. Last year we lived on the beautiful island of Bali for 5 months, the year before we had an epic South East Asian Adventure... And this year we decided to live in the Middle East; the Arab Emirates, Oman, Lebanon and Egypt. Travel is one of our greatest passions. We've enjoyed over 20 years of intense, focused, adventure travel together. We've shared MANY life-changing experiences, which have made us smarter, shaped our lives, our parenting philosophy and our relationship. But nothing could have prepared us for what we would experience in Cairo in the winter of 2011…