Expand Your Self-Awareness: A 2-Week Sentence Completion Program (FREE)

Back by popular demand, Lifebook is featuring one of our all-time favorite practices in awareness…

Dr. Nathaniel Branden’s 2-week Sentence Completion Program (FREE).

Click here to download the document now.

Increase self-awareness and improve your self-esteem in just 2 short weeks with Dr. Nathaniel Branden’s free transformational sentence completion program.

Sentence completion is easy – you receive a handful of unfinished sentences, and you complete them yourself to deepen your awareness.

Sentence-completion work is a deceptively simple, yet uniquely powerful tool for raising consciousness, self-understanding, self-esteem, and personal effectiveness.

It rests on the premise that all of us have more knowledge than we are normally aware of, more wisdom than we use, more potential than typically shows up in our behavior. Sentence completion is a tool for accessing and activating these “hidden resources.”

And that is exactly what Lifebook Member Dr. Nathaniel Branden helps us do with his transformational 2-week sentence completion program.

Click here to download the document now.

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