Growing My Business (and my life!) After Lifebook

Article by Greg Schulte

My story is about FREEDOM.  It serves as the ultimate representation that a win ANYWHERE is a win EVERYWHERE.  It is an honor to share with you.

Before attending Lifebook I could never have imagined that bringing clarity, confidence and focused action to a single area of my life could erupt into such rapidly expanding positive changes in every OTHER area of my life.

My Life Before Lifebook

My life before Lifebook was good.  I had successfully earned advanced college degrees, changed careers and started two businesses from scratch.  I lived in a comfortable house with my wife and two children who attended private school.  Externally, things appeared okay.  We were growing in a slow, steady, predictable manner.  But in reality, I was living on autopilot and not actively giving conscious thought to my life’s direction.  I wanted MORE – particularly in my Career.

My Lifebook Experience

During my Lifebook session I focused my main energy and attention on my Career – specifically as a small business owner. In my profession, I wear many hats including doctor, educator, technologist, manager and owner.  As a wellness chiropractor I knew a lot about health and fitness, and excelled with patient care.  But the business side of my practice wasn’t thriving.  During the Lifebook process, I wrote a crystal clear vision of how I wanted my business to grow and why.  Once I realized the incredible affect my Career goals could have on the rest of my life (and vice versa) my Purpose became the driving force for my Strategies.  One of the single most amazing things about my Lifebook Experience was that I was able to quiet my internal chatter and spend 4 consecutive days thinking about MYSELF, enabling my vision and strategies to flow through me with ease.  I was also extremely fortunate to have received tremendous insights, ideas and support from the other members in my Lifebook session.

Creating My Reality

I walked out of Lifebook knowing that, although the 4-day experience was over, it was the only the beginning for me.  My focus had completely shifted.  I stopped concentrating solely on WHAT I needed to do to achieve my goals, and drove myself toward WHO I needed to become to achieve my goals. Suddenly people, coaches, tools, techniques and ENERGY began showing up in my life at the right time and place and served to continually move me toward my vision.  Because of the immediate action I took, my business grew in leaps toward my vision. Once my first Lifebook goals were accomplished, my practice volume increased by 75% – and that was just the beginning!

Then the really amazing inter-connected wins started happening in my life. The positive ripple effect from the win in my business had a significant and far-reaching impact on my financial abundance, which helped to fund other Lifebook categories and values – especially my overall Quality of Life.

I was finally able to afford a long overdue family vacation.  We chose Mexico as our destination and I was able to spend an entire week of uninterrupted time devoted to the loves in my life.  What made the trip especially successful was being able to take the time away from my practice, with full confidence that I could divert my attention to my personal life and my loved ones for a week.  Where there may have been stress, worry or guilt before, was now only happiness, warmth and love.  What I had really achieved was freedom.

When we returned we decided to focus on our next goal, which was to create two awesome home environments – one for a home we would buy and one for the home we would sell.  During Lifebook I had written specific details about the type of home environment in which we wanted our family to live and thrive.  These details became the criteria for finding a new house as well as the checklist for staging the old house to sell quickly.

We found the PERFECT home.  The challenge was making the large financial commitment to move.  To make a conscious, twelve-category-smart decision my wife and I went through all twelve Lifebook categories and listed the positive impacts a move would have on our lives.  I was blown away by the clarity that resulted.  It became obvious that the long-term benefits of making a move absolutely outweighed the temporary costs, effort and disruptions.

So we took a chance, but of course we know chance had nothing to do with it.  Our new home environment has significantly improved many qualities in our family and our lives.  We live in town, which not only gives us the sense of community that we desired, but enabled me to dramatically reduce my daily commute to and from my practice so I can now spend that time with my family. Most importantly, we found home.  A place we can’t wait to return to.  A place that creates the energy we desire, and circulates it through our family and our lives.

I think it is safe to say that without Lifebook we wouldn’t be where we are today.  It is truly remarkable to see how much positive impact an initial overriding Career goal can have on an entire life – and the lives of loved ones!

Growing my business, buying a new house and creating a better quality of life for my family are just a few of the many tangible successes I have experienced as a result of Lifebook.  But the biggest gift that Lifebook has given me is the ability to see and know how strong and powerful I can be when I focus my intent and energy on what I want in my life.  With a clear vision and compelling reasons, I know I am capable of going after anything I desire.  I am the author of my life, and my Lifebook is my roadmap for success!  Thank you!

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