How Lifebook Opened Courtney’s Eyes…

Lifebook helped me open my eyes and realize the aspects in my life that I was already strong in. I was able to fine tune these and be more efficient, and then move my focus to the dimensions that I lack in – like my health & intellectual life. I have been improving in these areas and feel more grounded.

I have a clear path of where I see my future and take steps everyday to get there. For one week now I have had nothing but natural foods and no caffeine, no sugar, no diary, no peanuts, no soy, no corn, no gluten, no eggs! I will do so for a total of 3 weeks. I feel my body healing from the toxins that happen due to time & crappy food. I sleep like a rock and wake up refreshed. My morning affirmation helps me start my day with right choices which has leads to ending the day with a great sunset walk down a beautiful trail.

Lifebook has also help me control my emotions and understand how the can effect my day. I know to react to the things I have the facts to, and don’t waste emotions on speculation. My emotions are powerful and can be the cause to many effects. I’ve learned to rein it in and be more aware how my emotions affect the ones around me.

Lifebook has also taught me to be more selfless. I need to do something nice everyday for the ones I love.

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