Leave a Lifebook Legacy

What could be more valuable than gathering and passing along all of the knowledge and wisdom you’ve acquired over your lifetime?  Imagine how powerful it would be for every coming generation to learn from each impactful thought and critical decision you’ve made in your lifetime.

One of the greatest uses of your Lifebook is to create a legacy for the next generation.  Consider how exciting it could be for your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and beyond to have a written record of your dreams, goals and life lessons.  Your Lifebook gives you unprecedented power.  It allows you to document everything of meaning in your life.  It protects your identity from the weather of time.  It reveals your individuality and expands upon wisdom you’ve gathered on your life’s journey.

Imagine what our world would be like if we had access to the Lifebooks of our greatest thinkers.  What invaluable information would we find in the Lifebooks of Leonardo DaVinci, Benjamin Franklin, Mother Theresa or Alexander the Great? USE YOUR LIFEBOOK – if for no other reason than to simply leave a piece of who you are in the hands of the people you love.

We’re looking for new and creative ideas on how people are using their Lifebooks. How do you use your Lifebook? Let us know what special connection you have with it!  We always love to hear your stories!

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