Lindsay’s Life, One Year After Lifebook

Written and shared by Lifebook Member Lindsay Ambrose

I just reached my one-year anniversary of Lifebook. I am truly thinking, feeling, and acting differently and realizing the the life vision I created a year ago. It feels so good to be in control and living everyday with meaning and fulfillment.

Here are a few things from Lifebook that have had the greatest impact for me over the last year:

Health and Fitness

Since Lifebook, I wake up early every morning before my family and have a routine that includes reading, meditating, writing, and moving my body through yoga or running.

My morning routine is sacred time for me and it sets positive tone that stays with me the whole day.

I even completed a half-marathon in the Fall with a personal record. But my greatest accomplishment is not that record, it’s the overall shift that has taken place in my mind. I am now mindful that how I move my body and what I put into it affects my overall mood and ability to achieve my goals. I make different positive choices everyday and if I slide during the day—I have my morning to check back in and reset.


I chose the character traits of truth – to listen to the voice within me that is kindness, and love first. Courage – to believe in myself and let my self out into the world without fear and responsibility – for being disciplined everyday to create the positive habits that lead me to live the authentic life. I hold these truths paramount in everything I do. I used to struggle over whether I was achieving my purpose in life.

I now realize I am responsible for creating my purpose and working towards achieving it everyday with the choices I make—and with Lifebook, I now have now have a plan to achieve it.


I realize the relationship with myself is most important. When I feel fulfilled, I can be a positive loving presence for others.

I see how important it is to surround myself with people who provide fulfillment and meaning. I now say no to certain situations and experiences when they don’t feel right. That has made space to strengthen the relationships that are most meaningful for me.

My husband and I treat our relationship with highest regard, knowing that the way we treat each other is a model for our children on how to love and be loved. We have developed habits to make time for each other, show our appreciation, and this has made everyday with our family better. We have to continue to work on this but we are forming the right habits now.


I gave birth to my third child in February and feel so happy and fulfilled as a parent. I see all my relationships as opportunities to grow as a person and love more, and this is most evident as a parent. Devoting time to myself, and then my husband, enables me to be a more loving presence for my children.

When I am feeling fulfilled, love flows from me and I can soak it up too, especially from my children.

Since joy radiates off them, most of the time. And when it doesn’t, we get through those moments faster and with more grace. I devote time to make our home calm, clean place for them to thrive. We continue to dream and visualize how we can make our home and quality of life better, with more travel, and I trust that will come.


Staying at home with my three young children, and keeping our home positive and nurturing is my priority. I was making time for some part-time, remote work with my former employer because I know career is important. I finally realized that I wasn’t really a natural at the work I was doing and I couldn’t make my greatest contributions there. I was able to close out that work in a positive way. Now I am finally doing some work on top of mothering that inspires me and is starting to inspire others.

I started writing a blog called about making everyday moments as a mother more meaningful. My goal is to write daily posts in the form of easy-to-follow “life recipes” around conscious parenting and intentional living. It’s still at the early stages and I don’t have many followers but it is so fulfilling to me.

I am also writing my second book—first one being my lifebook—around a topic that has been inside me for some time. It is a memoir around family that dovetails a lot with the blog topics I write about.

I feel so happy to be doing this work because it doesn’t feel like work.

I am in early stages of creating but I feel like this is the greatest way I can contribute so I trust money will come from this if I continue to focus and contribute in a positive meaningful way.

Lifebook Lifestyle

I do see Lifebook as not just as an experience but as a lifestyle. As I look to the year ahead, I am excited to sit down and revisit my goals and habits to see where I can make changes and make the year ahead even more meaningful and fulfilling. I know it’s possible. And I know its up to me to make it happen.

So thank you, thank you to Jon, Missy and the entire Lifebook team. I am continually inspired by you as I read the weekly newsletters and hear more stories. The experience has changed me and continues to change me to be a better more fulfilled person every day. There is more for me to work on.

I so look forward to what’s ahead, knowing I can make all the visions in my mind real as long as I am leading with truth and love, and following the responsible actions to make it all happen.


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