The Mastering Happiness Podcast (FREE)

“Happiness is not something that you have, it’s something that you do.”
-Dr. Joel Wade

As a psychotherapist, life coach, and teacher, Dr. Joel has been working with people for nearly 40 years (including myself, and my mentor and Dr. Nathaniel Branden).

As a result, he’s become a true expert on what it takes to cultivate and sustain authentic states of happiness (a subject Missy and I are extremely passionate about!).

Today, we’re so excited to share Dr. Joel Wade’s incredible new free podcast, “The Mastering Happiness Podcast.”

In “The Mastering Happiness Podcast,” Joel will be covering topics ranging from relationships to work, personal lifestyle and more.

Each podcast will give you tangible things you can practice right now, to establish healthier, happier habits in your everyday life.

For more information about what you can expect from this breakthrough tool, listen to the first episode below!

Click here to download the episode (right click player and “save as”).

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