By Anya Hanson Wendt My daughter Ashlyn, age nine, is clear that she is responsible for her life – her happiness, her accomplishments AND her choices. She is also clear that all choices have consequences, and, as she makes choices for her life day-to-day, she is also choosing the consequences. In our family, consequences are not necessarily negative – they are just the natural course of things; cause-effect. For example, if she studies hard for a test and is responsible for understanding what will be on it, the consequence is a grade of A - which pleasantly enough, has other consequences, such as money from her father.

Not everyone knows what it is to be a parent, but we all know what it is to be a child.

There is a place within each of us that only we can reach.  A place where our “inner self” first began to develop, our consciousness began to evolve and our identity was formed by the world around us.

Some people like to call this place our “Inner Child;” the part of our childhood that, although often dormant, remains very much intact within us.  In this place the most primitive part of our being lies;  The memories of our experience as a child, and the residual messages and feelings that were left behind.