Believe it or not, there are only TWO MONTHS left in 2011!  Now is the time to get out your goals list and make a plan to close the gap between where you are now and where you said you wanted to be at the end of this year! We are COMMITTED to seeing you succeed in everything you set out to accomplish.  We are on the sidelines, rooting you on and cheering at all your hard work.  We are with you every step of the way, offering guidance, support and motivation.  WE BELIEVE IN YOU. So here’s some motivational love with 6 visual reminders to keep you FOCUSED ON and MOVING TOWARD what matters most as you break through the last two months and cross the 2011 finish line with FORCE!

If we were to knock on your front door RIGHT NOW, would you be embarrassed to let us in and give us a tour? What does your home, as it really is, say about you as a person? Does it make you proud? As a Lifebook Member you understand the importance of your environments and the feedback loop they create. The qualities a space radiates can permeate every aspect of our lives. If we live in a disorganized, hectic and stressful environment, our lives will be disorganized, hectic and stressful, because that is what we are surrounded by. Likewise, if we are surrounded every day by beauty, tranquility and sensuality, our lives will literally be more beautiful, tranquil and sensual. Our environments should be in perfect harmony with the people we want to be. Therefore, we must create environments that clearly project the values, moods and feelings that we want in our life on a continuous basis. Here are “5 Tips To Transform Your Space” into a consciously designed expression of YOU:

Want to hear what Jon, Missy and the Lifebook Team want to do before they die?  Well here it is – Our EXOTIC Bucket List - featuring some of planet Earth’s most daring, beautiful and mind opening adventures.  Are you in?!

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