The Principle of Limited Focus has been a favorite among Lifebook Members, and can prove to be life transforming if applied correctly. The principle of limited focus says that being selective and DOING LESS is the key to accomplishing MORE. In other words, what we DON’T DO is every bit as important as what we choose to DO. The ultimate goal of Lifebook Members is to become "12-category smart." But 12 different life categories can be a lot to manage. Creating and maintaining high levels of health and fitness, and career & financial success, and balancing it with an extraordinary love life, a fulfilling social life, fantastic parenting, fulfilling emotions and spirituality… it’s quite a challenge. But it’s absolutely necessary if we want to live extraordinary lives. The bottom line is this… In order to become 12-category smart, we must learn to be EFFECTIVE. This does not mean being BUSY.

Article written by Lifebook Member Amanda D. Amanda experienced the Lifebook Program in September of 2007.  6 months later, in the same city, a stranger named Bret attended Lifebook as well. This is the story of how they fell in love, and are continuing to create a legendary romance. A few months after Amanda experienced the Lifebook Program she was out to coffee with Melissa, her Lifebook Session Director.  “I knew it was one of Amanda’s dreams to meet someone who'd be on her level, really wanting to take every category of life to the furthest extent possible”, Melissa said.  “As I got to know Bret in our [separate] Lifebook Session, something just clicked in me that I had to find a woman for him.  I thought ‘this guy is too good to be true!’ I asked both of them if they'd be willing to connect and the rest is history... literally!”

If we were to knock on your front door RIGHT NOW, would you be embarrassed to let us in and give us a tour? What does your home, as it really is, say about you as a person? Does it make you proud? As a Lifebook Member you understand the importance of your environments and the feedback loop they create. The qualities a space radiates can permeate every aspect of our lives. If we live in a disorganized, hectic and stressful environment, our lives will be disorganized, hectic and stressful, because that is what we are surrounded by. Likewise, if we are surrounded every day by beauty, tranquility and sensuality, our lives will literally be more beautiful, tranquil and sensual. Our environments should be in perfect harmony with the people we want to be. Therefore, we must create environments that clearly project the values, moods and feelings that we want in our life on a continuous basis. Here are “5 Tips To Transform Your Space” into a consciously designed expression of YOU:

As parents, we are our children’s world.  We are all they see.  We are the example of what a human being is all about.  They want to BE us.  They look up to us. We are their world. The best education a child can receive is to see their parents living happy, successful, stable, fulfilling lives. It’s not what we say, but who we are as people that will affect our children's lives. So the single most important responsibility we have as parents is to live great lives, and be great people. But what exactly does that look like? Let’s take a look at how the Intra-Spect Assessment Parenting score is calculated to provide a deeper understanding of the interconnectivity between this important category, and every other area of your life…