If you’re like most women, you probably thought it was only possible to be nauseous, bloated, overweight, cramping and pregnancy. But, believe it or not, there IS another possibility. You can have an extraordinary level of health, fitness, and vitality AND feel sexy and fully self-expressed as a woman, WHILE being pregnant. In fact, pregnancy can be the catalyst for realizing your best and highest self in many areas – mentally, physically, and emotionally! You can be energized, feel great, have an amazing body, feel empowered in your heart and mind, have intimacy and romance, and have some of the BEST SEX of your life – belly and all! And, if you want to, you can have a SAFE and NATURAL birth, ideally in a birthing center or the privacy of your own home, in a loving, peaceful, and beautiful space of your own design. Now, you may be thinking, “Come on Nandi, you’ve got to be kidding me! It can’t be possible for me to have ALL of that!” Of course its true that every woman’s experience is different but, it’s also true that there’s a whole world of outdated thinking and expectations based on the past, that you have to overcome to reach for the pregnancy and birth of your dreams – otherwise, they can become a self-fulfilling prophecy! Nowadays, women are told all kinds of things about natural pregnancy and childbirth, especially home birth, and its difficult to know the difference between myth and fact.

Written by: Lifebook Member Larry Hebenstreit I've been trying to quit smoking for years. Tried it all. Pills, facial injections, hypnosis... if it's out there, I've tried it. I succeeded in quitting a few times and for variable lengths of time but they (buy marlboro cigarettes) kept creeping back in my life. The truth is, I didn't stay quit because I didn't care enough to stay quit. I didn't care about my health. I didn't care about others around me. I didn't care about what my families future would look like without me in it. But wait a minute. That's not completely true. Of course I care about my health. I brush my teeth and I don't eat fast food. Of course I care about others around me. I hold doors open for them and I cover my mouth when I sneeze or cough. And my family is very important to me as is their future and of course I want to be a part of it for as long as possible. It wasn't until I started creating my life book and examining my current status in the twelve categories of my life and realizing how they are all connected... and if I was to loose this one bad habit, it would have a profound effect on all twelve categories. From my health and fitness (the ability to exercise) to my character (being a person with self control). From my love relationship (not coming to bed smelling like an ashtray) to my social life (not being the only one stepping out for a smoke). And @ 13.50 a pack (Chicago), my financial life.

Byron Wien is an American investor, vice chairman of Blackstone Advisory Partners, and a billionaire many times over. Below is his outstanding list, formed from his life experience over the past 80 years, of his 20 greatest life lessons: “I was scheduled to speak about the world outlook at an investment conference recently and shortly before my time slot the conference organizer said the audience was more interested in what I had learned over the course of my career than what I had to say about the market.  I jotted a few notes down and later expanded and edited what I said that day. I have since been encouraged to share my thoughts with a broader audience. Here are some of the lessons I have learned in my first 80 years.  I hope to continue to practice them in the next 80:

By: Sandra Garest How many articles, books, or blog posts have you seen over the last year that emphasize the importance of establishing work/life balance? From my experience in running Lifebook sessions and coaching, one of the most common complaints people have shared is that they want more “balance” - and this is something I’ve been seeking as well. Balance has become such a buzz-word, yet it seems that just about no one has it, and just about everyone wants it.  So I set out to determine if the concept of “life balance” was just an illusion. Over the last few months I've been doing some reading and soul-searching on this elusive search for balance.  I’ve summarized three learnings and breakthroughs that have helped me fall in love with imbalance.  (Feel free to use them if they resonate with you, if not, throw them out!)

Written by Lifebook Member Steve S. Hello Lifebook Family!  I just wanted to share my personal progress and thank all of you, because being accountable to each and every one of you has really helped (and continues to help) me stay on track and move closer to my dreams! Just to remind you, I set my overriding goal in health and fitness, to fit into a 34" waist size (I was wearing a 38" at the time of Lifebook), and to get myself a 6-pack by 12/31. When we were in Chicago on July 22-25, I weighed somewhere between 205 and 210 lbs.  For another layer of accountability, I entered into the Lifetime Fitness Weightloss Challenge. I'm now wearing 34" pants (and I can definitely fit into a size 33)! For the first time in 30 years I'm beginning to see my abs! This morning I weighed in at 174 lbs.

By:  Jason and Nandi Moore

You’re Sick And Tired, Whether You Know It Or Not

You’re sick and tired and becoming even sicker with each passing day and you’re either aware of it, because you’re already experiencing annoying and uncomfortable symptoms, or its happening secretly in the background without your awareness… …at least for now. The fact is, you’re already sick long before noticeable symptoms occur and even longer before modern medical science is able to identify or measure any imbalance – assuming they even have the ability to identify and measure imbalance accurately in the first place. Everyday people go to their doctor for a check up and they either walk out with a real disease diagnosis because they didn’t know how to notice imbalance starting to form and what to do about it upstream… …or they walk out with a misdiagnosis based on a moving target of ever changing quantitative information, an inaccurate 200 year old germ theory, and an outdated 400 year old view of how the body works… …or worse, they walk out believing they’re in perfect health because the doctor has no way of accurately identifying or measuring imbalance before it becomes real disease and end up dropping dead unexpectedly on the way to the mailbox one morning. Why are you sick and tired, whether you know it or not? OVER-ACIDIFICATION!

“Tug on anything at all and you'll find it connected to everything else in the universe.” John Muir Imagine every area of your life connected by a web of thousands of invisible threads.  Every action you take creates a ripple affect that reaches out and touches everything else. At Lifebook we refer to this concept as “Category Interconnectivity.”  Many Lifebook Members have discovered the powerful connections that exist between each area of life, and have come to realize that harnessing the strength of one category may be the key to improving another category. Leverage your Health and Fitness to create a ripple affect that will drastically improve your overall quality of life. Below, Jon shares an excerpt directly from his personal Lifebook, which he calls “Health, Fitness and the Power of 12.”

Written by Lifebook Member Mickey Trocolli I have to admit that I got pretty choked up while writing this.  I didn’t fully realize how much my Lifebook meant to me until I took the time to write about my experience with it… My Lifebook story actually began before I was even aware that it was happening. Believe it or not… Lifebook actually found ME! I was a 33-year old making a decent living in the nightclub industry. According to my industries standards, I was "the old guy" in the scene and I knew that I needed to make a change in my life. The problem was, I had no idea what to do next. I was in limbo.  I had no direction at all in my life. I really wanted more for myself, but had no idea where to start.  Change is one of the scariest things in life if you don't know where you're going.