Healthy, Sexy AND Pregnant?

If you’re like most women, you probably thought it was only possible to be nauseous, bloated, overweight, cramping and pregnancy. But, believe it or not, there IS another possibility.

You can have an extraordinary level of health, fitness, and vitality AND feel sexy and fully self-expressed as a woman, WHILE being pregnant. In fact, pregnancy can be the catalyst for realizing your best and highest self in many areas – mentally, physically, and emotionally! You can be energized, feel great, have an amazing body, feel empowered in your heart and mind, have intimacy and romance, and have some of the BEST SEX of your life – belly and all! And, if you want to, you can have a SAFE and NATURAL birth, ideally in a birthing center or the privacy of your own home, in a loving, peaceful, and beautiful space of your own design.

Now, you may be thinking, “Come on Nandi, you’ve got to be kidding me! It can’t be possible for me to have ALL of that!” Of course its true that every woman’s experience is different but, it’s also true that there’s a whole world of outdated thinking and expectations based on the past, that you have to overcome to reach for the pregnancy and birth of your dreams – otherwise, they can become a self-fulfilling prophecy!

Nowadays, women are told all kinds of things about natural pregnancy and childbirth, especially home birth, and its difficult to know the difference between myth and fact.

You may have questions like:

* Do I have any control or influence over my body (physiology, biochemistry, neurology) during pregnancy, or am I at the mercy of genetics?
* Do my mindset and emotions have an impact on my pregnancy and the health of my baby?
* Is it safe and beneficial to eat a mostly vegetarian, vegan, or raw plant-based diet during pregnancy or do I have to drink cow’s milk and eat meat for calcium, protein and iron?
* Is it really ok to drink a glass of wine and other alcohol while pregnant?
* Do I need to eat for two or drink for two or both?
* Does my environment, like air and water quality, sights and sounds, people and places, and even what I put on my hair and skin have an impact on my pregnancy and the health of my baby?
* Do I have to take prenatal vitamins or can I get all my nutrition from whole food?
* Is it safe for me to exercise and have sex during pregnancy – and are there benefits?
* Are pregnancy and childbirth really medical emergencies that always require intervention (excessive monitoring, ultrasounds, epidurals, Pitocin, etc, for everyone, including low risk births)?
* Do I have to work with a medical doctor or can I get excellent and safe care from natural health-focused practitioners, like chiropractors and midwives?
* Is home birth really safe or is it too risky for my baby and me – what if there’s an emergency?
* Are cravings, nausea/morning sickness, low energy/fatigue, water retention, stretch marks, heartburn, headaches, backaches, digestive problems, constipation, blood sugar imbalances, lack of sleep, and getting fat all normal and inevitable during pregnancy?

Its easy to buy into all the “myths”, because most women don’t have enough knowledge about their own bodies anymore, and therefore lack the certainty they need to trust the natural process without constant testing and intervention. Most women don’t know anyone in their life that’s been pregnant without experiencing the common symptoms that are “supposed” to arise. Most women don’t know anyone that’s given birth without some kind of “complication” or “intervention”, and a large majority of women either “have to have” or choose to have C-sections. Most women don’t know anyone that’s had a truly natural pregnancy or home birth and may have many friends who actually scheduled to have labor induced on a specific date, rather than trusting the process, their body and their baby.

Most women don’t give themselves the option for anything other than a “medical and medicated” pregnancy and hospital birth, either because they’re too scared or don’t fully understand the alternatives. And that, is just not OK with me! You should have access to all the possibilities and be able to choose powerfully, rather than having to choose out of lack of knowledge, fear, or pressure. And, if you choose a natural pregnancy and home birth, you should have the guidance and support to do it with confidence and peace of mind.

I’m DETERMINED that you have all the knowledge, resources, strategies, and support you need to have the pregnancy of your dreams – because its the unknown and lack of support that’s scary.

What you may not know is, you have the power to influence and determine the experience and quality of your life and you can be successful, and I mean REALLY successful, in any area – IF you’re willing to make a study of it, get a good role model and coach, pursue mastery through action, and trust your body’s innate intelligence and natural ability.

My intuition told me to trust my body and, as scary as that seemed, with the support of my husband, I decided to go as natural and “non-interventionist” as possible and be willing to accept the results I got, no matter what – like expecting mothers and fathers have done for thousands of years before modern medical science started questioning innate intelligence and interfering, even when there’s no emergency and it isn’t necessary.

So with the support of my amazing midwife, Kelli, I charged forward. I drank lots of alkaline water and stuck to a mostly alkaline live and plant-based diet 60-80% of the time and in the other 20-40% made “better and healthier” choices – organic, local, whole, and unprocessed. I learned to create recipes that tasted and felt just as good as the meals I loved, but knew weren’t good for me, to help manage cravings. I learned from my midwife all about the specific nutrition my baby and I needed and I took alkaline and whole food supplements that naturally contained those nutrients, instead of traditional prenatal vitamins, along with nutrient-dense super foods. I exercised, meditated, and got plenty of rest. I enjoyed a whole new level of intimacy with myself and my husband that I never would have imagined possible – pure, unbridled, love making and romance. And, my baby and me were thriving!

I had stellar results on all my tests, including a perfect pH (which is difficult to maintain while pregnant). I had a virtually pain and symptom free pregnancy. I had discovered the nutritional secrets and sacred practices I needed to disappear and avoid nausea/morning sickness, headaches, low energy/fatigue, cravings, water retention, digestive and elimination problems, blood sugar imbalances, lack of sleep, and excess weight gain – I felt great, slept great, and looked great! I only gained 27 lbs – including baby, breast milk, and amniotic fluid weight – and I felt healthy, fit, beautiful, sexy, peaceful and alive! Then, after my son was born healthy, whole, and complete, in a loving, peaceful, and beautiful space, of my own design, in the privacy of our home, my body returned to its optimal weight in a mere 10 days – and I STILL felt healthy, fit, beautiful, sexy, peaceful and alive!

Of course, even if you do what I did, there’s no guarantee you’ll experience exactly the same results as me but, I believe that “success leaves clues” and that I can role model the strategies of others who have produced the results I want and greatly improve my chances.

There are 5 Foundational Arguments for the possibility of a Healthy, Sexy, Pregnancy:

1.  The quality of your physiology, biochemistry, and neurology determines the quality of your pregnancy (how you feel and how your body creates your baby), the quality of your birth (how your body delivers your baby and how you feel during and after), and how your body recovers.

2.  The quality of your physiology, biochemistry, and neurology is determined by the quality of your thinking, breathing, drinking, eating, supplementation, and exercise, your environment, and the quality of health-focused professional care you receive.

3.  Pregnancy and birth are NOT a medical emergency, but a normal and natural biological process that your body was designed to carry out flawlessly, as long as the right conditions are in place, as long as you give your body and your baby everything it needs to thrive – and the more you do to interrupt or disrupt the natural process, the more risk there is of challenges for you and your baby.

4.  Your body contains all the intelligence it needs to be healthy, sexy, and pregnant, and to give birth beautifully and naturally, and all you have to be responsible for is creating the best conditions possible – by making the best choices you can about how to think, how to breath, what to drink, what to eat, how to supplement, how to exercise, what environment to be in, and what health-focused professional care to use.

5.  And, most importantly, your body is naturally “alkaline by design and acidic by function” (meaning it always works to maintain a slightly alkaline balance while producing acidity that must be eliminated), and all physiological, biochemical, and neurological imbalances, and all symptoms that are expressed, are caused by a combination of over-acidification, oxidative stress, inflammation, and interruptions in the flow of vital nerve energy through your body.

So what’s the MOST important thing you can do for your health and the health of your baby before, during, and after pregnancy? SUPER-HYDRATE with alkaline water and SUPER-NOURISH with other alkalizing fluids and foods, like fresh green juices and green smoothies, and support your body’s elimination of acidic metabolic waste.

At around 8 weeks (gestation) a babies body is approximately 90% water and slightly alkaline. Then, over time, that drops down to approximately 70% water. As, you age and without proper hydration and diet, you become approximately 50-60%. And, when you die, you’re less than 30% water – in fact, rigor mortis is a nearly 100% dehydrated and acidic condition. This condition causes the proliferation of bacteria, fungus, and mold which then “recycle” the body back to from whence it came – “ashes to ashes, dust to dust”. Therefore, aging and disease are primarily the result of dehydration, over-acidification, oxidative stress, and inflammation that leads to cellular breakdown.

Becoming a Mama puts massive stress on your body that produces a higher amount of acidity than usual and consumes many of your alkaline buffers (like minerals) in order to balance the fluids in your body, especially those surrounding your baby. If you’re not getting enough alkaline minerals, and other nutrition, through your hydration, diet, and supplementation, to replenish your buffers, then your body will take resources from wherever it can (including blood, muscles, tissue, and bones) to maintain homeostasis. The combination of stress and depletion caused by dehydration and excess acidity can cause you to age significantly during pregnancy and cause you to experience the many known uncomfortable, annoying, and more serious pre- and post-delivery problems, such as:

Water Retention
Low Energy/Fatigue
Nausea/Morning Sickness
Digestive Problems
Blood Sugar Imbalances
Lack Of Sleep
Excess Weight Gain
High Cholesterol
Lactic And Uric Acid BuildupReduced Amniotic Fluid
Jaundice in Baby
Kidney Stones
Arterial Plaque
Thickened Blood
Low Oxygen
Poor Circulation
And More

All of which lead to the possibility of other complications for you and your baby during pregnancy and birth.

Therefore, the quality of your pregnancy and birth is influenced by what you do and don’t do before, during, and after. And, the MOST important things you can do to have a Healthy, Sexy, Pregnancy, are making the best choices you can about how to think, how to breath, what to drink, what to eat, how to supplement, how to exercise, what environment to be in, and what health-focused professional care to use.

You are a POWERFUL WOMAN and a SEXY MAMA who has an amazing opportunity to choose how to be pregnant and how to present your baby to the world when the day comes.


About Nandi Moore:

Nandi Moore is a leading expert on women’s health, natural pregnancy, natural birth, and early child development. She is the co-founder of Health Freedom Academy™ and Healthy Sexy Mamma™, author of The 10 Essential Steps To A Healthy, Sexy, Pregnancy™, and creator of The Natural Pregnancy/Beautiful Birth Blueprint™.

After learning about the benefits of alkalizing nutrition for healing and optimal health, and then using it to lose 30lbs in 30 days, healthfully, get off of 5 prescription medications for depression, migraines, allergies, hormones, and indigestion, in only 2 weeks, and avoid surgery for an ulcer, Nandi found out she was pregnant and went on to apply what she learned to creating the Healthy, Sexy, Pregnancy™ and Beautiful, Natural, Birth™ of her dreams.

For nearly a decade, Nandi has worked, alongside her husband, as a personal health coach to some of the world’s most elite performers in business, relationships, parenting, and life, teaching clients how to break through mental, physical, and emotional limitations and achieve REAL Health Freedom™ without going to unnecessary and inappropriate extremes or sacrificing the joy of living.

As a woman whose passion and primary commitment is being a mother and raising her son with intention – and as someone who knows firsthand that you can’t give away what you don’t already have – she has dedicated her life to, first, helping other moms realize their very best and highest selves, and then go on to have the healthiest, sexiest, pregnancy and most beautiful, natural, birth so they can raise the healthiest, happiest, children possible.

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