Empower yourself to bring consciousness and intention to your physical experience in any given moment. Whether you’re driving, sitting at your computer, in a meeting, on the couch, in the kitchen… Bring total awareness to WHAT you do with your body, and HOW you do it, at any given moment during any given day. By being mindful of your physical self, and practicing these 5 Conscious Habits To Transform Your Body, you will begin to experience greater levels of strength, balance, peace, and holistic wellness…

The Principle of IMMENSE POTENTIAL says you are capable of miraculous things.

You’ve got more potential inside you that you could ever develop in a lifetime. Potentials so great that they are almost unimaginable. Powers that would astonish you and everyone around you, if you activated them and put into action.

You have the potential to create a truly extraordinary life for yourself.

You have the potential to be ultra-healthy, immensely wealthy, knowledgeable, vibrant, happy and fulfilled in every area of your life. Just about everyone has that potential. However, most people will never even brush up against their true potential. They won’t realize even a fraction of what they’re truly capable of. Why is that?

What’s the difference between ordinary people and extraordinary people?

Of course this isn’t a simple question, and it doesn’t have a simple answer. There are countless forces involved. But one thing is certain: your Character will play a major role – if not THE major role – in the story of whether or not you actualize yourself and unlock your immense potential. This month we’re focusing on a specific family of Character traits that are seldom talked about in personal development circles… But they’re traits we all need to develop in order to achieve a truly extraordinary life. For lack of a better term, Jon Butcher (our Founder here at Lifebook) calls them the ‘bad ass’ character traits. :) Here they are...

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How has YOUR life transformed since Lifebook? This month's Vision-to-Reality Video Contest started with ONE Lifebook Member. His name is Phil Tyrone, and he recorded a short video that was just amazing (you can watch it below)... He started by opening up his Life Vision document to the part where he described his dream home, and then he WALKED US THROUGH that dream home, which he and his wife Lily CREATED. For the Lifebook Team, these are the most fulfilling moments imaginable.  Helping people get clear on their vision, and then turning it into reality is what we DO.  It's what we LIVE FOR. We know there are SO MANY Lifebook Members out there that have manifested their vision... and we want to hear your story! Lifebook Members around the world, grab your iPhone or webcam and start talking! Grab a simple recording device, show us your beautiful faces, and record a video no longer than 3 minutes, in which you will share your amazing your success story with the world. Just talk it out.  Bring consciousness to your triumphs.  Be proud of them.  Bask in your glory.  And win some INCREDIBLE PRIZES in the process!  (See instructions below)

The Best Parents Have the Longest Time Horizon By:  Lifebook VIP Members Joshua and Margie Boswell

The wise parent realizes that the average life span of a human being is currently pushing over 80 years, and we only get to closely parent our little ones for about 20 of those years. Our greatest concern should be preparing them for those 60+ years that they are outside of our home and immediate influence. So, the wise parent looks ahead and constantly asks things like... * How will my choices today affect the life of my child when they are no longer with me? * What can I do today to prepare them for a life of happiness, joy, and rejoicing? * How will I empower and equip them to manage life’s stresses, challenges, and setbacks? * What can I do today to help them feel comfortable with their own greatness and power?

“There is one power in the universe. It does not matter what you call it. You can’t get wet by the word ‘water,’ you must get in.” – Lao Tzsu Spirituality is deeply personal. It's about a personal relationship with one’s creator, or the universe, or all that exists. It's not only about what one believes – it's a path one walks; a process that unfolds in one’s life. Spirituality is an experience. It goes directly to WHO and WHAT ONE IS and WHY ONE IS HERE at the deepest possible level. No one can hand a person these answers. It's up to each of us to discover them on our life’s journey. Lifebook is about taking responsibility to think through and be clear about everything in our lives. This category can be a little more difficult than the others. It's intangible. You can't see Spirituality… you can't wrap your arms around it. But the responsibility is still the same – to bring consciousness and clarity to every important aspect of our Spiritual Lives. This month, we’re shining a spotlight on 6 extraordinary Lifebook Members who have taken responsibility, brought consciousness and clarity, and radically transformed their Spiritual Lives. They represent the top 6 most improved Spiritual Lives of the past year, based on the quarterly Intra-Spect Assessment data. Join us in welcoming and congratulating our ignited members this month by reading their stories of evolution below, and leaving an encouraging comment for them…

Written by: Missy Butcher For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a deep desire to remain solid, grounded and solution-oriented, no matter what life brings my way. It’s always been very important to me not lose my footing, fly off the handle, or spin out of control when unforeseen problems or intense emotions arise. It turns out that Inner peace is the foundation for my Emotional Life. Here’s what inner peace means to me: Inner peace means experiencing feelings of harmony, tranquility, happiness, goodness, self-love, and groundedness on a consistence basis. Inner peace entails a deep trust in myself, and the world around me. It’s based in the belief that I live in a benevolent universe, and that things will mostly tend to go my way. And it represents the profound knowledge that when things don’t go my way, I will make the choices, I will take the actions, and I will use the words that add up to the person that I am, and always strive to be. How do I create the experience of inner peace?

Finding and maintaining an extraordinary love relationship is one of the greatest challenges and opportunities in life. There’s simply no deeper joy than when two people fully commit to living their lives together - and do it successfully. But what, fundamentally, IS an extraordinary love relationship? What are the main attributes upon which it depends? And perhaps most importantly, if we all WANT an extraordinary love relationship, why do so few of us actually HAVE one? Our research study started out with this simple question: What do couples with an extraordinary love relationship have in common that sets them apart from couples with a mediocre or poor love relationship?   The results of our analysis surprised us…