A Spiritual Revolution: 6 Members Who Radically Transformed Their Spirituality

“There is one power in the universe.
It does not matter what you call it.
You can’t get wet by the word ‘water,’
you must get in.”

– Lao Tzsu

Spirituality is deeply personal. It’s about a personal relationship with one’s creator, or the universe, or all that exists. It’s not only about what one believes – it’s a path one walks; a process that unfolds in one’s life.

Spirituality is an experience. It goes directly to WHO and WHAT ONE IS and WHY ONE IS HERE at the deepest possible level. No one can hand a person these answers. It’s up to each of us to discover them on our life’s journey.

Lifebook is about taking responsibility to think through and be clear about everything in our lives. This category can be a little more difficult than the others. It’s intangible. You can’t see Spirituality… you can’t wrap your arms around it. But the responsibility is still the same – to bring consciousness and clarity to every important aspect of our Spiritual Lives.

This month, we’re shining a spotlight on 6 extraordinary Lifebook Members who have taken responsibility, brought consciousness and clarity, and radically transformed their Spiritual Lives. They represent the top 6 most improved Spiritual Lives of the past year, based on the quarterly Intra-Spect Assessment data. Join us in welcoming and congratulating our ignited members this month by reading their stories of evolution below, and leaving an encouraging comment for them…

5 Members Who Radically Transformed Their Spiritual Lives

Nicole Moore

Nicole nearly DOUBLED her Intra-Spect Spiritual Life score

My Journey Toward Self-Actualization…

Prior to Lifebook I thought that being Spiritual meant going to church, or meditating regularly. I didn’t do either of those things and wondered how I could possibly be Spiritual in any way.

After my Lifebook Session I understood better, but still my Intra-Spect Assessment score for this category was 62.2 – I was severely compromised in this category.

I did have an experience of oneness. I have a strong belief in Universal Intelligence and Innate Intelligence, and that I am part of something bigger.

I had the experience of contribution. I worked hard in my Chiropractic office and was of service to a large number of people. I tithed a fair percentage of my income. I went on a couple of Chiropractic mission trips to third world countries.

Still I didn’t get a sense of Spirituality. I didn’t have inner peace or feel complete within myself.

There had to be something else!

In May 2012, the VIP Membership Page featured an article titled “The Principle of Self Actualization,” which I’ve included here:

The Principle of Self-Actualization

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”
-Anne Frank

This is quite possibly the most profound VIP Principle of all. The Principle of Self-Actualization makes the immense statement that ‘improving ourselves MEANS improving the world.’

With every effort we take to make ourselves better in any way… to raise ourselves up and discover and nurture the best that is inside us… With each act of kindness, courage, compassion, and self-discipline… we’re not only building a better self, we’re building a better world. We’re serving a higher purpose. We’re doing momentous work. We’re adding goodness, achievement, happiness and positivity to the planet.

So the challenge is to become the success story you were meant to be and show the world what is possible… in your health and fitness, your character, your marriage, your career.

Become a light to the people around you. They need hope… Your friends, family and coworkers need to be inspired by someone who knows who they are, what they’re doing, and where they’re going. Give them something to admire. Because what people need more than anything else is something to believe in… something to look up to. To know that somewhere on this earth excellence is truly possible.

There is no more noble cause than to commit yourself to being all you can be. There is nothing you can do that’s a greater or higher purpose than to dedicate yourself to having it all. There is nothing more moral than to take this one life you’ve been given… this short time that you have on the planet… and make it the best it can possibly be.

So go ALL IN … mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Leave nothing on the table. Pour yourself into your life, give everything you have to it and get everything you can out of it. And in the process, you just might change your world…

Reading that brought immediate tears to my eyes. I printed it off and ran outside to show Pat (my husband). I still get emotional just thinking about that moment. It was only then that I really understood what my true purpose was, and what I had been striving to achieve. I had been feeling a little lost and didn’t know what my true purpose was. My purpose had been tied up in being a mother (and chiropractor) for so long.

I had also always been dedicated to personal growth, but had this feeling of not being good enough and lacking. I wondered why I felt that I had to read another “self-help” book, or listen to more audios. Why couldn’t I just be happy with the way I was? Other people didn’t do this and they were happy and content.

“The Principle of Self-Actualization” helped me to understand that my yearning was actually coming from a place of wanting to be the best person I possibly could be – to be Self Actualized.

Since then I’ve given myself permission to take the time to just sit, think, read, plan and work on my life. To make working on my Lifebook a priority. I’d always thought I should be getting on and doing “something productive.”

Now I strive to achieve excellence in every category. I choose to be the best person I possibly can be. I live my life to the fullest and it is a great example to my family, friends, co-workers, patients and others around me. As a parent of a 20 and 18 year old, I believe this is my most important parenting role now.

I’m always looking to provide quality service. I definitely feel that I am contributing to making the world a better place.

Have less. Be more. Do more. (So simple, but so true. We are actively de-cluttering our home at the moment, and shedding so many possessions that burden us.)

My own happiness is one of my highest priorities. The following quote is part of my morning affirmation –

“My happiness is my gift to the world.”

I take this very seriously and realize how important it is. In the last 12 months I’ve lifted my game enormously and have noticed the effect this has on others. I know that I inspire and motivate others around me by my actions and words.

So I now consider myself to be quite strong in the Spiritual category.

My Intra-Spect Assessment score in this category has almost doubled.

In addition I have that sense of fulfilment and contentment I was previously missing.

I’m wishing you all success on your own Spiritual journeys!

Deborah J. Kreuser

Deborah increased her Intra-Spect Spiritual Life score by 55 points

How did I achieve such a huge increase in Spirituality? What practices have I put into place to increase the quality of my Spiritual experience? How has my perspective of this category changed over time?

This is not an easy topic, but to answer these questions, basically 6 huge changes took place in my life and, with them, the beginning of a major shift of consciousness:

1. It all started with my father’s death 5 years ago, which made me think about life and death and the purpose of life in a very profound way. I discovered famous books which provided me big AHA moments and literally changed my perspective and my life. To name a few:

– “The Power of Now” and “A New Earth” from Eckhart Tolle
– “AWARENESS – the key to living in balance” from Osho
– “The Spiritual Teaching of Ramana Maharshi” and “Who am I” from Ramana Maharshi

In my opinion though, it is not until you take action and practice what’s written in these spiritual books that you start to really “understand,” with your entire being, what the big masters mean…

You can’t achieve “divinity, shift of consciousness, bliss, surrender, enlightenment, your true self” or even “God” with just the mind. It’s definitely beyond your mind. I think you have to EXPERIENCE it. Otherwise it only stays a description, like trying to describe the color “red” to a blind person.

2. Very eager to experience constant awareness of my true self, I started to meditate on my own, 30 min in the morning and 30 min before going to bed. The observation of my thoughts during meditation helped me to do the same outside of meditation and I got less involved and more objective concerning what happened around me, and therefore I definitely became more detached, balanced and calm – during and outside of meditation.

3. During this peaceful time my mind became more quiet and my soul sort of “woke up.” I wanted more. I became properly introduced into Maharishi’s “Transcendental Meditation” (TM) (like so many others before: Deepak Chopra, Oprah, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Brian Johnson & his wife from Philisopher’s Notes, etc.).

I started with TM (a mantra meditation – “the purpose of the mantra is to lose the mantra…”) and increased my meditation time from 30 min to 1 hour twice a day: 1 hour (around 5 am) to start the day after 1h of yoga before work and 1 hour to close the working period and start the relaxing night section of my day after work (around 5 pm).

That was a PROFOUND step to true self-discovering. At this stage I definitely KNEW that “we are not human beings having a spiritual experience but spiritual beings having a human experience” (Wayne Dyer). I also became more balanced, focused and increased my capability of concentration.

4. I then began to understand that I could use my entire life as one big meditation and that I could and simply had to (in a very loving way) use every single second of my day, and literally every step I took, to STAY aware, to stay the OBSERVER of my mind and body and my inner world while doing ANYTHING. The repeating of another mantra or the concentration on the breath can help here. But I’m talking much more about the observance of yourself while you’re listening to somebody, while you’re talking, while you’re reading this text, etc. Asking the permanent question of: WHO is listening, WHO is talking, WHO is reading, WHO is breathing etc. And what is your body feeling WHILE you’re doing it?

The focus of my attention wandered from the purely external world to both my internal and external world simultaneously (and permanently if possible) and the results were again highly profound:

– With the observance of “myself” came the true understanding and sometimes experiencing of my real self (as one being not separated from all other beings). In this “conscious” and “aware” state, I started to ACCEPT and LOVE everything the way it is and simply everything I did or am doing, even dish washing. It doesn’t mean that I leave everything the way it is, or don’t make any strategic plans, but that I act consciously, rationally and properly to the situation the way it is, with love and compassion out of true acceptance in a balanced, rational, calm and peaceful state. It means that I do not RE-ACT irrationally and unconsciously out of resistance. It definitely means that I became a more kind and loving person – to myself and to others.

– At the same time, with the observance of myself, I got much closer to my true feelings, my true desires, and my emotions in a more tender way and gave myself consciously all the attention I was (unconsciously) asking from others before. I discovered that within me was everything I had always looked for outside of myself: Love, care, attention, fulfillment, which for the first time, REALLY started to satisfy myself, which means I could give myself what others could never really give me.

– The observance of myself HIGHLY trained my ability to stay focused and concentrated and not to get distracted. The discipline here gives you the balance in all other areas of your life.

– In two words: when I’m not AWARE or CONSCIOUS of myself I’m not truly myself, unconditionally loving, peaceful and happy.

5. I met Mother Meera, an Avatar, in 2010 and helped build her school in India. Being surrounded by enlightened beings changes your life tremendously.

6. Last but not least: on my way through these fundamental changes in my life, I had the chance to meet a truly exceptional man, who is one of the most profound, spiritually connected, loving, caring, well balanced, calm, successful in all areas of life and brilliant men I’ve ever met. We started dating over a year ago and he is not only my soulmate, the love of my life, my best friend, but also my teacher and mentor in my ‘Spiritual Life’.

He started meditating in his teens and had very soon deep spiritual experiences (transcendental-, self-realization-, divine light-, out-of-body-experiences). He helps me stay present, focused, and conscious by remembering me. He meditated very often for weeks in a row – which the two of us will experience next week in India for almost 3 weeks together.

He is very deeply in touch with his inner being. He is one of the most successful cardiologists in Germany with a brilliant international career in front of him – he is like a little Mozart in his field – and everything falls like magic into places around him.

He is simply never in resistance with anything. He totally surrenders to what is and is deeply connected with God (we both have no specific religions). He deeply cares for everybody, he is adored by simply everybody, he is always in a good mood, always smiling, always caring, listening carefully and has a helping hand with a tremendous heart, while getting double the work done in half the time.

He simply has an unshakable trust in life and an unconditional love of life and life pays him back every single second. He is almost permanently in the so-called state of bliss, definitely always happy.

All of this, of course, has had a profound impact on me.

Travis Fisher

Travis increased his Intra-Spect Spiritual Life score by 44 points
I’ve been asked to share my story of transformation in this category, so I want to share some of my practices and my spiritual experiences. I’ve had huge gains in this area because I’ve focused on dedicating intentional work to develop it.

Let me start by saying that I respect each individual’s spiritual path. It is a very personal journey to find God – the higher power. I’m not going to focus on religion here. What I love is all of us who know there is more to this life than what is seen & experienced in the physical realm. There is knowledge of and experiences in the unseen – the invisible world – the spirit realm – and we want more…we want to go deeper.

To me, “My Spiritual Life” is the most important category. I am a spirit being – connected to the God of my life, who is a spirit – so, if I don’t live every day in the spiritual realm, I am empty and dry. Within My Spiritual Life, I comprehend my Soul Purpose – my CALLING – therefore, this category dictates My Life Vision.

Lifebook is a tool to help me understand and strategize my life vision. Lifebook is like a journal in some ways, but with a solid structure, in which I can write down what God reveals to me in each category of life. The Book of Life – the Bible – is the filter I use to pass everything through. That is where I go to get refined & sharpened, and to find encouragement, hope & power.

What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?
(Mark 8:36)

That is a life verse I’ve hung on to for years. I know it’s not worth achieving all the success in this world if it means giving up the most significant part of my core being – my soul, which is my heart and spirit.

I want God’s Spirit to fill me – to be in me and on me – to guide me. There is spiritual DISCIPLINE and TRAINING needed for that to happen.

For physical training is of some value, but godliness (spiritual training) is useful and of value in everything and in every way, for it holds promise for the present life and also for the life which is to come.
(1 Timothy 4:8)

My HOW for my spiritual life category…

– Daily Prayer – at least 10 minutes every day, some days are 30 – 60 minutes. I had an incredibly powerful hour of prayer the Friday prior to writing this article!
– Daily Devotional – “My Utmost for His Highest” by Oswald Chambers.
– Daily Reading and/or Hearing of the Word from the Bible – Faith comes by hearing. This is about RENEWING my MIND with life-giving substance. It is powerful and transformational.
– Fasting – One normal fast each month (water only for 24 hours).
– Giving – Tithing (10% to my church) and giving to those in need.
– Meditating – In a posture of receivership with hands open & palms towards heaven. Helps me deal with the noise, anxiety & stress in this world. I get a better perspective & get downloads from God.
– Church – Organized religion has helped me learn about God, people & spirituality – and the fellowship within the church body has been a blessing.
– Contribution – I align with the paramount purpose of helping others and making the world a better place. Living a benevolent life of COMPASSION is a strong desire of mine.
– Retreating to the Wilderness for Time in Solitude – This refreshes my spirit and soul. Outdoor adventures can help too! 🙂
– Calling Heaven Down – Praying that Heaven will invade Earth.

Another part of the transformation in My Spiritual Life has actually been a bi-product of improving my relationship with money. I now have more KNOWLEDGE, more GRATITUDE, and I’m a better STEWARD of what God has blessed me with.

I’ve experienced some challenges in every category over the last couple years since I went through Lifebook in February of 2011. In the trials and tribulations, there has been tremendous development and restoration – much is still in progress. The power behind the rebuilding and transformation is the Spirit of the Lord.

Jesus is the best thing I have goin’ for me! Any success I have is not by my might but by His POWER. Any outward display of my ability is a result of my INNER DEPENDENCE on God – so ultimately it is His character, favor and blessing that is displayed.

I’ve discovered the rhythm of my soul, and my soul sings!

Deborah Adams

Deborah increased her Intra-Spect Spiritual Life score by 67 points!

Thank you Lifebook for the focus you have encouraged in my spiritual life. I absolutely love and believe the Lifebook philosophy that a win in one category is a win in all categories. While I believe that this is absolutely true, I saw the category of spiritual life as having the highest impact. I believe that all things are possible with God, including the seemingly impossible. So why not focus on the relationship with the highest power and potential?

I resolved to pray, read and study my bible daily and to attend weekly bible study. Whenever unsure, upset or confused just simply letting these words of love and wisdom for life wash over me brings hope, focus, and comfort. I also began to pray for two specific things; That my children would have a real and tangible experience with God and that I would see God’s presence and activity in my daily life.

The place where these prayers began to come to fruition was in our effort to raise funds for clean water in India and Africa. At the end of August our oldest child, eight years old at the time, announced that her goal was to build 10 more wells before the end of the year by making and selling origami ornaments. Ken and I quickly interjected our adult reality and took the wind out of her sails. When would the four of us find time to fold 37,500 sheets of paper? Without quitting school, how would we find the 1,250 hours of time needed to complete the task?

The following morning my bible study was all about doing what we are afraid of or deem impossible and letting God come in and handle the details. Immediately I knew that I needed to go downstairs and read this to the girls. When I finished they both looked at me and said “you and dad don’t have enough faith that God can handle this.”

Within two hours I received an email offering help and the next day another. Soon we had several volunteers to help us make our origami Christmas ornaments. But how would we sell them? I thanked God for the volunteers he had sent, but told Him that we needed some serious help in the sales department. That night Good Morning Texas emailed asking if the girls could be on the show in two days! This is an example of what happens almost daily with God orchestrating all our needs.

I recently told a friend that I’m becoming that Pollyannaish person I could never relate to or understand. But I try to rest in God’s peace and am constantly being shown that all things will work out. That God will bring the people, work and opportunities that I need when I need them in His perfect timing. My kids truly believe all things are possible.

We pray every night over our project and for the people receiving the blessing of clean water through each new well. I am grateful to God to be on this amazing adventure and connected to His beautiful people through water.

When we leave the house in the morning we say, “Something amazing is going to happen today!” And it does. Thank you Lifebook for blessing the world by blessing everyone you touch.

Michele Foster

Michele increased her Intra-Spect Spiritual Life score by 37 points
My spiritual path has been explosive. It’s been rewarding, fulfilling and really makes my life more extraordinary.

I felt this was a category of my life that was “on tilt” when I first joined Lifebook. My Spiritual Life was what I wanted to work on when I first joined and experienced the 4-day Lifebook Session. I felt like I had really unraveled because of career changes, emotions, social changes and influences, and thinking I was “changing” my life’s purpose.

What I realized was that this journey called “my life” was reviving up . . . I had just been unconscious that I was manifesting my Life’s Purpose by the choices I had made.

Lifebook helped me realize that physically building a blueprint was the strategy to be able to acknowledge, focus, and be “in purpose.” I realized my Spiritual Life was becoming more enlightened.

My purpose has always been “known” to me – it’s just been held back because of life choices I had made. Once I clarified my purpose and examined my life in every category, I was unleashed.

Since the beginning of my Lifebook experience, I’ve created a 37-point increase in my Spiritual Life assessment score. As I continue to work on my life through my Lifebook, my Spiritual category gains more consciousness. It is what I call the denominator in my formula for an extraordinary life. It is my soul that energizes everything else in my life.

Lifebook has been so essential in defining everything – to paint “me” on “my canvas” that is my life. Walking a fulfilling spiritual path is amazing and rewarding and gives me the oneness that I am seeking . . .

I have an Attitude of Gratitude each and every day!

Daniel Fedeli

Daniel increased his Intra-Spect Spiritual Life score by 62 points

The purpose of my Spiritual Path is to teach Soul Transcendence, which is becoming aware of yourself as a Soul and as one with God, not as a theory but as a living reality. I believe that your Soul is who you truly are; it is more than your body, your thoughts, or your feelings. It is the highest aspect of yourself, where you and God are one.

Equally important, my spiritual practices present an approach that focuses on how to incorporate spirituality into your everyday life in a tangible, workable way. We call it “practical spirituality.” It allows you to attune more and more to your Soul and to increasingly live from that awareness.

My spiritual life is the foundation for every Lifebook category and the enhanced clarity of premise, vision, purpose and strategy has increased the leverage of my spiritual intention in my life and in the world. The discipline, focus and goal setting aspects of Lifebook have supported my experience of spiritual inner awareness.

My particular ministry is one that requires action…to be seen and experienced in the world. The Lifebook process has given me the framework to clarify my expression and therefor has resulted in a profound increase in my Intra-Spect Assessment Spiritual Life score.

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