Submitted by Scott Sandberg When I first started lifebook I was very sad, and my wife was very sad. We thought it was worth a try - we were desperate for help. I had no focus or idea of what I wanted or what to do. Lifebook broke it down into the 12 simple categories of life and had me get focused and really find out what I wanted, and how to get it! I was shown I lacked empathy and caring for my wife. It showed me I was way too harsh with my child. It showed me I was spread so very thin in so many directions. I was failing in my parenting and my love relationship. My career was less than fulfilling and added to my distractions from what I wanted and where I spent my time. Lifebook showed me how I wasted so much time on non important things. I have become a better husband. Not perfect, I have a lot more work to do, but now I have a plan that I can read when I get lost; A map to the best life i can make! I am a better parent - more patient and understanding. My strongest category changed from health to Life Vision from the Lifebook experience.

For those moments when you want to be inspired, connect to something meaningful, and fill yourself with love, we’ve selected 5 of the most touching, emotional mini videos on the web for you to enjoy this month.  Some are new, some are old, but they are all guaranteed to move you!

29-year old deaf woman hears herself for the first time

Sloan was born deaf, but just received her first hearing implant. Thanks to modern technology, she is able to hear her own voice for the first time in her life.

No matter how many language classes you've taken, there’s one thing you can’t be taught unless you immerse yourself deep into the heart of another culture, and that is the true essence of a word or phrase in its native language. Translation is technical, and can only take you so far.  Having a real understanding of the words you use, and the deep-rooted history of their meaning, is what makes the difference between speaking from the mind, and speaking from the heart. And so we’ve highlighted 14 wonderful, untranslatable, and slightly elusive words from around the world below.  We hope you enjoy the trip!

Submitted by Katie Mark I always recoil when I hear the phrase "time flies". There's something almost hurtful about believing that this precious commodity escapes. In my very first week of the Lifebook Bootcamp, when we made our stop doing lists, I was stunned to see how many of the habits that I had classified as "good" had become drains... I realized that while time might not fly in my book, it does leak and drip and ooze. I looked at all the ways I habitually spent time doing things that were just keeping me busy and I found so many things to stop....

We’ve identified some of the most influential visionaries of all time and chronicled 18 intriguing real-life tales that are sure to fascinate and inspire. These are some of the world's most iconic innovators, spirited explorers, noble politicians, and virtuous peacekeepers; and in honor of Life Vision...

Lifebook VIP Members Missy Butcher, Jason Moore, and Damion Lupo team up to bring us a 3-part article about raising children to become entrepreneurs, from the perspective of both a parent and a child. Discover inspiring strategies that will empower your children to become the creative, successful, and fulfilled people they were born to be with the articles below.

Teaching Kids About Value Creation By:  Missy Butcher

This topic is one of my favorites. It’s deep and wide, incredibly rewarding, and tons of fun… so I decided to share some of the strategies Jon and I have used over the years to teach our kids about an incredibly fundamental piece of life… value creation.

Talking and Listening

The first and most important strategy is to simply communicate with them! No matter what their ages are, our kids have always LOVED to hear, talk, and learn about money. We ask questions and then LISTEN to them. We pay attention to what they love to do. We discuss their talents with them deeply. We find out what they are truly interested in, enjoy doing and are really good at, and then we let the creative juices flow. Creativity is key here.

Life is all about CHOICE and ACTION. The samurai knew it. Lifebookers know it. Yet, somehow, most people don’t make the connection between the choices they make and the quality of their life. At Lifebook, we believe that ANYONE can have a fantastic, fulfilling, happy life if...