How Scott Became a Better Husband, and Father

Submitted by Scott Sandberg

When I first started lifebook I was very sad, and my wife was very sad. We thought it was worth a try – we were desperate for help. I had no focus or idea of what I wanted or what to do.

Lifebook broke it down into the 12 simple categories of life and had me get focused and really find out what I wanted, and how to get it!

I was shown I lacked empathy and caring for my wife. It showed me I was way too harsh with my child. It showed me I was spread so very thin in so many directions. I was failing in my parenting and my love relationship. My career was less than fulfilling and added to my distractions from what I wanted and where I spent my time. Lifebook showed me how I wasted so much time on non important things.

I have become a better husband. Not perfect, I have a lot more work to do, but now I have a plan that I can read when I get lost; A map to the best life i can make! I am a better parent – more patient and understanding.

My strongest category changed from health to Life Vision from the Lifebook experience.

Freedom is an underlying theme of my life vision.

Time management is another critical theme that has come from the program.

Focus on the positive is yet another… I spent far too much time complaining about all that was wrong, spinning my wheels wasting time.

I am in such a better place now than before. I have so much work to do , but now I know exactly what work to do and what habits help and what ones do not.

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