I'm not one of the wealthiest members of this community.  So, why am I writing an article for financial month? Because what we (my husband Pat and I) have been able to achieve is FINANCIAL FREEDOM.    We have the freedom to do what we want, when we want, where we want, and how we want.  I don't have to work if I don't want to work.  I love what I do and choose to work 20 weeks of the year.  Pat works 4 days a week and has a long weekend every weekend. We have a wonderful life, free from financial stress.  We are debt free.   We have a good retirement fund, separate substantial "wealth investments" providing passive income, and other savings equivalent to many years worth of living expenses at our current lifestyle. You don’t have to be a multi-millionaire to be able to do this.  Neither does it mean living so frugally that you never do anything.  We still travel overseas regularly and haven’t done without anything. So how did we achieve this on average incomes while also raising our children? When I was in my 20's, a wise friend recommended reading a simple book called "The Richest Man in Babylon" by George Samuel Clason.  It is a simple story with many tried-and-tested easy lessons for accumulating wealth. Here are the lessons we learnt from the book.

Making a massive impact in our Health and Fitness has become a misunderstood art. We’re inundated with infinite and conflicting information on what being healthy truly means.  We seek external solutions, and we often fail, because there is no “one size fits all” approach to health and fitness.  Every person - every body - has its own incredibly unique way of expressing life. But Lifebook Members have a secret weapon… We know that there is ONE solution that applies to EVERYONE, regardless of age, weight, body type, or physical capacity.  And the best part is… it’s already within us, right now, at this very moment. What is our dream solution?

If we were to ask you what your most commonly experienced emotion was, you could probably offer up a few answers on the spot, right? Now, what if we asked WHERE you felt those emotions within your body?  That’s probably a little more difficult to answer… Because most people are unaware of the incredible relationship between emotions and physical sensations, and how the knowledge of it can totally transform your emotional life. We say we have a “gut feeling” about something, or a “lump in our throat” when we’re upset.  But these aren’t just figures of speech… they are real signals from our bodies that should be listened to, identified, and released if we want to evolve into our emotional and physical potential. Feelings are called such for a reason...  You FEEL them. 

From medieval cities and abbeys where the monks run their own breweries to sandy beaches and densely forested hills, Belgium is a little country that packs a big punch. It may be small in size, but Belgium is absolutely brimming with culture and beauty, and is sure to leave you in awe of its rich and gorgeous heritage. This, among countless other reasons, is why Lifebook Members chose Belgium as one of the top places in the world they would like to travel with fellow Lifebook Members (as indicated on our 2012 Lifebook Travel Survey). And a couple months ago, they got their wish. Last September, 8 Lifebook VIP Members embarked on an unforgettable journey into the heart of this magical European nation, and 38 of their most breathtaking photos are here to tell the story. Enjoy the images below, and get fired up for the next Lifebook travel adventure!

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By Lifebook Members Jared and Lindsay Yellin Your home is a direct reflection of your ability to succeed in all categories. Okay, we know this is bold, but this is our belief and our reality. We have always lived in wonderful places, but we never took the time to look at our home as a sanctuary that focuses on serenity, passion, love, and excitement. We never really thought about bringing in all five senses and we never even considered spending as much time as we did going through this extremely intimate experience. But now that we are on the other side of building our ideal sanctuary, we wanted to introduce you to the blueprint we created which will work with any size budget.
Watch the video below to see how we did it, and follow the steps outlined beneath it to create your own “Sanctuary Blueprint!”