You have all the potential to create your dream life and manifest everything you’ve always wanted. But the first (and perhaps most vital) step for manifesting the life of your dreams is to believe in yourself and your power with every cell in your body. The art of manifesting is all about learning to believe something before it can be seen or proven. It’s about knowing that what you want is already out there, and it wants you too… and that you have the power to bring it into your life. Affirmations are like your wish list to the universe, experienced in real-time. They help reprogram and realign your subconscious mind with what you truly want to create.

There’s something absolutely magical about this time of year: the twinkling lights, cozy fires, joyous cheer being spread by everyone, and perhaps most exciting of all, the anticipation of turning the page of our lives to a brand new chapter. It’s a season of celebration, love, and self-reflection. In honor of this magical time, we have a reflection ritual here at Lifebook that takes place each December. Here’s how you can join us… Light some candles, brew a cup of hot tea or pour a glass of champagne, get cozy by the fireside (perhaps with a loved one) and settle in for a few hours of deep reflection and open-hearted honesty. The ritual is done by answering simple questions, which are designed to call forth mighty truth, inspiration and growth from deep within you. Enjoy this magical process, and make this New Year a beautiful expression of your wildest wishes and deepest dreams.

Written by Lifebook Member Wendy H. I was 40 that year. I had been on a journey of self discovery for several years already. Finding my purpose in life, the "why am I here" question. When presented with the opportunity to attend Lifebook, I did not hesitate. I'm...

"He wrapped himself in quotations, as a beggar would enfold himself in the purple of Emperors." -Rudyard Kipling There’s no denying the power and potency of quotations. Humans have used them as inspiration and guidance for thousands of years, like road signs from all the wise men who walked...

By Jessi Kohlhagen It’s been said that New Years Day (and how you choose to spend it) sets the intention for the entire year to come. For this reason, January 1 will always find my family and I wandering outside, basking in Nature. This is our way of grounding, cherishing what’s most important, recommitting to being the best human beings we can be, giving thanks for the limitless abundance all around us, and honoring our roots. However you choose to celebrate, this is a beautiful invitation to step into some of the most meaningful experiences you want to create for yourself… to actually embody them, give them a felt sense in your life, and allow your entire year to grow from that space.
Here are 11 meaningful ideas for celebrating this New Year:
Spend Time In Nature
As I mentioned above, this can be a powerfully healing and inspiring experience. See if you can invoke absolute presence and contentment wherever you stand -- nowhere to get to, nothing to do. Just observe the world around you, from the smallest leaves to the limitless sky above. Go on an adventure. Commune with the Nature that exists all around and within you. See what you see, find what you find, go where you go.
Do A Reflection Ritual By Candlelight
This article would be incomplete if it didn’t include the year-end reflection ritual Lifebookers have come to love so much. It looks something like this: light some candles, brew a cup of hot cocoa or pour a glass of champagne, and settle in for a few hours of open-hearted honesty and reflection by the fireside. Go through the simple but powerfully thought-provoking questions one-by-one, and let this magical process invite greater truth, acceptance and growth into your life.

Creating your life consciously is something I never thought about. I’ll tell you what I did think about: creating my lunch consciously. That’s about the timespan and consciousness of planning I had in my life previous to this course. Even at that, my lunch changed half the time. I had some goals, but really having a method and an awareness of taking the time to dissect them in a way that can be introduced in small and meaningful ways was never present before. This journey started with a commitment to others in my life, and ended with a commitment to everything in my life. Creating lifebook is literally creating a personal blueprint to reach excellence in every aspect of your life.

Written by: Lifebook Member John O. In health and wellness, I was inspired to begin meditation on a nightly basis. I have never meditated before. I have no training in meditation nor have I ever read about it. I simply closed my eyes, took deep breaths and cleared my mind. At the end of a 15-minute session, I had a vision. I was standing in front of a wall of locked doors. I had unlocked several but it was clearly taking me a long time to open each door. I looked up and saw that the wall extended on forever in all directions. I felt frustrated. I felt like I would never have enough time to get to all my doors. I then saw my group at Lifebook, all standing in front of the doors in their lives, some locked, some unlocked, and some opened. Some were unwilling to walk through and some had their doors wide open for us all to see. Each member had their keys in their hands. Some were banging their heads and hands on their doors. There was so much sadness, stress, frustration and uncertainty.

Lifebook’s MOST IMPROVED member in 2014 shares how he created the most fulfilling year of his life… Discover the power of purpose, accountability, and facing your fears head on to attract everything you want in life (sometimes all at once!) in this month’s interview with Lifebook...

I can remember attempting to be strong and reassure my fiancee' that Lifebook was going to be something amazing; yet I had no idea what it really was. I was out on a limb. What I did know, was I pushed all my chips in to be part of a massive project for my career. I was under the impression that Lifebook would be a nice little off shoot of this project. It took only a couple weeks after being in the lounge to quickly realize that Lifebook was the foundation of the major project I pushed my chips in for. I felt I had a clear vision of where I wanted to go in most areas of my life, yet, my purpose and strategies were beyond unclear. After 4 days of what most of you know to be a mindspin, I was at my best! I felt CRYSTAL clear on my vision and felt I could breath fire with the strategies written in front of me. My fiancee pulled out amazing things too that she had no idea where crushing her path to the lifestyle we both wanted. We have been working so diligently over the past 10 weeks implementing things on multiple levels.