Jeb’s Personal Blueprint to Excellence

Creating your life consciously is something I never thought about. I’ll tell you what I did think about: creating my lunch consciously. That’s about the timespan and consciousness of planning I had in my life previous to this course. Even at that, my lunch changed half the time.

I had some goals, but really having a method and an awareness of taking the time to dissect them in a way that can be introduced in small and meaningful ways was never present before. This journey started with a commitment to others in my life, and ended with a commitment to everything in my life.

Creating lifebook is literally creating a personal blueprint to reach excellence in every aspect of your life.

It helps create a vision of what the end result would look like if you had unlimited resources, money, power and the support of others in creating what you desire. It is a book that represents the very best version of yourself.

If any of you own a business, you know how much more can be accomplished by working on your business rather than in your business. Well this book not only allows you to do this with business, but with everything in your life. What if you could step outside of being in a relationship long enough to work on your relationship? What about instead of eating to feed the primal instinct of immediate satisfaction you instead ate to feed the best body you could imagine?

Since becoming a Lifebook VIP member, things have changed in the way I live my life on the daily pattern.

Making sure to have a balanced life is as important to me as making sure I eat a balanced meal. I now truly realize that too much of anything, no matter how good I believe it to be comes at the sacrifice of not enough of something else in my life. Once I began taking small steps to improve and strengthening areas of my life that needed attention, I realized balance and small actions over time foster huge results.

Having gone through the VIP boot camp, there were 2 main takeaways for me:
1) I wish I discovered this program many years ago, my life would look much different!
2) I now know the value in taking time to create my life by design rather than live my life by reaction

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