The #1 Life Development Strategy of All Time – MEDITATION

Take your spiritual life and all 12 categories of your life to new heights, and rapidly accelerate the actualization/realization of your Lifebook plan!

Soulvana is Mindvalley’s revolutionary new app for iOS and Android phones that helps you elevate your spiritual life and all 12 categories of your life, by making your spiritual practice more fun, exciting, effective and beneficial for your holistic well-being.

From health, relationships and finance to emotional well-being, creativity, intuition, healing, career and purpose — Soulvana app gives you spiritual tools for practical daily use to positively impact your life, humanity and all life on planet Earth like never before.

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The key feature of Soulvana are Group Immersions.

Guided by the world’s leading spiritual teachers, healers and shamans, Group Immersions are transformational online group meditations with stunning 3D sound production that let you connect and meditate together with other people from all over the world in real-time unity and coherence.

Meditating with other people in real-time coherence is several times more beneficial, powerful, exciting and fun than meditating alone. It’s white magic.

Sessions start and repeat every 60 minutes and you can choose from over 30 diverse titles ranging from manifesting financial abundance, creating your ideal reality, attracting your soulmate and healing your body to activating your clairvoyance and intuition, connecting with your higher self, raising the consciousness of humanity, and more.

On top of Group Immersions, you can also enjoy other types of spiritual tools:

  • MORNING MEDITATIONS: Start and manifest perfect days. Morning Meditations helps you wake up and start your days in the best way possible.
  • EVENING MEDITATIONS: Get the perfect night’s sleep. Evening Meditations help you end your days the best way possible, and get a quality rejuvenating sleep.
  • HEALING CHAMBERS: Get healed and rejuvenated. The world’s best spiritual healers and shamans help you heal and recover from illness, stress, anxiety, low energy and other unpleasant states.


Introducing Soulvana By Mindvalley – The New App For Online Group Meditations


Soulvana is Mindvalley’s newest meditation app that combines scientifically-proven technique with the convenience of a handheld app.

What Are the Benefits of Group Meditation?

Group meditation has been studied in a number of different contexts. Each time, it’s shown to have multiple benefits, at the personal level and beyond.

Group meditation has been shown to help practitioners literally tap into the same brainwaves. If you’ve ever tried binaural beats, you know how powerful this practice can be.

Meditating with others also helps you stay accountable.

When you’re practicing on your own, it’s a lot easier to phone it in. Maybe you’re tired, distracted, or just plain don’t feel like it today.

When you meditate with others, you increase your accountability and are more likely to stick with the habit.

You’ll also increase your empathy and awareness, along with all the other powerful benefits of meditation.

It’s really a win-win situation for everyone.

Participate in the Ripple Effect

Perhaps one of the most astounding results of group meditation is what’s called, “the ripple effect.”

This effect was first discovered by those studying practitioners of transcendental meditation (TM) in the 1970s. Since then, the study results have been replicated on numerous occasions by different groups.

Studies have demonstrated that when groups meditate together, there is an physical increase in peacefulness in the surrounding community. Crime rates drop in the surrounding areas and there are less motor vehicle accidents. Incredible.

With Soulvana’s online group meditations, you can connect and meditate with thousands of people from all over the world — from the comfort of your home. The benefits and positive effects are 10x more powerful than typical solo meditation.

Do you feel ready to take the benefits of your meditation practice to new heights? Mindvalley’s new Soulvana App is ready to take you there.

Click here to download the Soulvana app for free.


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