What to Expect:
  • 3 Fascinating Days of Profound Personal Discovery
Our 5-star member experience team welcomes you to dress comfortably during your 3 days of personal development. We recommend wearing layers so that you can easily adjust if the room feels warm or cool for you. The schedule outline is as follows:


Doors open at 7:30 am Session begins at 8 am Lunch at 1:30 pm Day ends at 6:45 pm


Doors open at 7:30 am Session begins at 8 am Lunch at 1:30 pm Day ends at 7:00 pm Followed by cocktail party


Doors open at 7:30 am Session begins at 8 am Lunch at 12:35 pm Day ends at 3:00 pm

I’ll be the first to admit – it was a glorious, beautiful thing we had back in Illinois. My husband and I both grew up there, and raising our own children within 15 minutes of nearly everyone that we loved was an absolute blessing. We saw both our families at least once a week – but often many days in a row for work, pleasure, or a lovely combination of both. Anytime we needed support – our families were there. At least once a week they would take the kids for hours on end – often overnight - so we could have some quality alone time. Many times, after a family dinner or daytime hangout, the kids would beg us to let them stay longer, just for the fun of it, and Pat and I would drive away wondering how to fill this delightfully unexpected alone time together. We were spontaneous. We could fully disconnect, knowing that the grandparents had everything totally under control. We were free to be together – not as parents, but as adults, lovers, and friends. Glorious and beautiful, indeed. Then, last winter, we decided to pack up our lives and moved 2,000 miles west, to northern California, completely alone. We knew our new adventure would be nothing other than a life-changing leap into the unknown – filled with magic, rebirth, self-discovery and the forging of a newer, brighter, more fulfilling life. And that has proven to be 100% true. But I’ll be the first to admit… Raising kids away from family blows.

I have attended many self development seminars in the past and have been on a quest to learn anything that can give me an edge in all aspects of life. I saw many industry transformers take the Lifebook experience and gave it great reviews, so I...

Uncover the strategies Lifebook Member Jack Bosch used to become a millionaire by age 35 in his interview with Jon Butcher this month. Jack is an entrepreneur, a nationally recognized speaker, and a wealth mentor... and in this interview, he challenges the very way we think about money, and what retirement means. Jack shares his view of The American Dream and reveals the following:

• Why one won’t get wealthy by working the 9-5 life for 40 years and investing in a 401K. • How obtaining wealth doesn’t have to lead to taking major risks. • Why the rich think differently about money and what we can learn from them. • Ways to earn seed money – and to save money – so that you can begin to invest these funds. • Ways we can invest our money so a cash flow develops that can be reinvested and finally lived off of. • What the top two reasons are for failing financially -- and how to avoid them. • How to differentiate a good investment from a bad one.

By: Lifebook Member Colleen Cardarella Last year I shifted my category of focus to my financial life for a while. I knew I wanted to improve this area of my life. My financial score was in the above average range, but I was wrestling with something when I answered the financial questions on the Intra-Spect Assessment.  I was saying to myself as I answered that section, “I could be doing better here…and it really wouldn’t be difficult…I just need to spend the time on it.” So, for the next several months I worked on this area of my life. I raised my financial score 20 points to an extraordinary score.  Nothing I did to raise my score involved making more money. Everything had to do with organizing, planning and managing my financial life better.

This heart-warming video was submitted by Lifebook Member Jason Rhodes, as he decided once and for all to rid his life (and his love relationship) of a negative habit his wife had been begging him to quit for years. Something he chose to ignore for so long had turned into a real rut in their interactions together. Making the decision to take action and solve this problem said “I Love You” more profoundly than words ever could. Don't miss this heart-warming video! (And be sure to watch to the end to see the surprise that he had for Jen on their date night!)