How to Create Forever Cash (audio)

Uncover the strategies Lifebook Member Jack Bosch used to become a millionaire by age 35 in his interview with Jon Butcher this month.

Jack is an entrepreneur, a nationally recognized speaker, and a wealth mentor… and in this interview, he challenges the very way we think about money, and what retirement means.

Jack shares his view of The American Dream and reveals the following:

• Why one won’t get wealthy by working the 9-5 life for 40 years and investing in a 401K.
• How obtaining wealth doesn’t have to lead to taking major risks.
• Why the rich think differently about money and what we can learn from them.
• Ways to earn seed money – and to save money – so that you can begin to invest these funds.
• Ways we can invest our money so a cash flow develops that can be reinvested and finally lived off of.
• What the top two reasons are for failing financially — and how to avoid them.
• How to differentiate a good investment from a bad one.

Listen in and be inspired below!

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