You are what you eat. Alright, so you may not literally BE a hot dog, but after stuffing yourself with a few Ball-Park Franks you certainly FEEL like one, don’t you? This is because food has an undeniable affect on your mood – for better or worse. What you put into your mouth triggers chemical and physiological changes within your brain that totally alter your behavior and emotions.  Most people understand the connection between what they eat and their OVERALL physical health, but the connection between food and mood is much less understood. When you understand that what you eat affects - and in many ways CONTROLS - your mood, your energy levels, how you sleep, and how well you think, you start looking at your plate much differently. Whether you’re feeling sluggish and cranky, or energized and optimistic, chances are it’s the result of what you had for your last meal. Nourish your emotional wellbeing by choosing foods that fuel your energy, boost your mood, and, ultimately, increase your self-esteem (because you know you’re making good choices and doing what’s best for your body, and your life). “I’ve seen people make dramatic improvements in depression and anxiety within ONE WEEK of making some simple dietary changes,” said Trudy Scott, a nutritionist and spokesperson for the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. As a matter of fact, researchers who have been studying this food-mood connection have found that a healthy diet is AT LEAST as important as the other, more popular mood-boosting remedies, such as exercise, adequate sleep, and stress management. Talk about food for thought! So, exactly what kinds of foods should you be stocking up on (or purging from your cupboards) if you really want to start eating your way to happiness?

“Motivation is what gets you started.  Habit is what keeps you going.” -Jim Ryun This principle is simple and straightforward. Habits are what shape our lives - for better or worse - and ultimately define us as human beings. We ARE what we continuously DO. What are your behaviors adding up to? Confucius said, “The Nature of men is always the same; it is their habits that carry them far apart.” And the great Roman poet Ovid said, “Habits change into character.” If we look at the areas of our life where we do really well consistently, we’ll find that it’s because of the things we do habitually. Sure, we’ll have our peaks and valleys, but if we have good habits, we’ll stay above average. If we look at the weak or unsuccessful areas of our life, we’ll also find that it’s because of the things we do habitually. Again, some months will be better than others, but if we’re weak in a category on a consistent basis, it’s probably because of a few recurring negative habits that seem to have stuck.

The "S" Word.  We say it all the time.  We feel it far too often.  Sometimes it can seem as though our lives are completely covered in it. So how can we ensure it doesn't 'hit the fan'? Use these 40 preventative ways to eliminate STRESS from your life, and clean up your act:

Money is one of the most popular topics for argument between couples. What starts out as an intention for discipline and awareness can quickly turn into a barrage of negative emotions; frustration, stress, overwhelm, judgment – the list goes on.  We’ve all been there.  But does it really have to be that way? The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT.  As a matter of fact, it CAN’T be that way if we want to achieve financial freedom, live our very best lives, and experience extraordinary love relationships. With a little positive persistence and conscious calculation, you and your partner can be on the road toward financially free (and stress free) discussions in no time. Here are 5 ways to stop fighting and start growing as an empowered team:

Written by Lifebook Member and world-renowned pioneer in the field of self-esteem, Dr. Nathaniel Branden. Visit him on the web at, where you'll find dozens of fantastic products and information to help you raise your own self-esteem and nurture it in your children.

Nathaniel writes:

If we are to consider how self-esteem is best nurtured in young people, we must first be clear on what we mean by "self-esteem." So I shall begin with a definition. Self-esteem is the disposition to experience oneself as being competent to cope with the basic challenges of life, and as being worthy of happiness. Thus, it consists of two components:

Everyone has their own unique emotional recipes to manifest the emotions that are most important to them. When’s the last time you opened your Lifebook and revisited yours? This month, the Lifebook Team got together and contributed their very own emotional recipes, complete with their ‘secret ingredients’...

Written by Lifebook Member Devers Branden Devers Branden is one of the happiest people on the planet. Her joy is radiant, her compassion is remarkable, and her contentment in life is unshakable. Devers has achieved the most successful emotional life imaginable.

With no formal education in psychology, Devers forged an entirely new path in the world of psychotherapy. Alongside her former husband, Nathaniel Branden, Devers worked in clinics all over the world, helping thousands of individuals find new roads to happiness. She is also the co-author of books “Achieving High Self Esteem,” “What Love Asks of Us,” and many more publications. For several years, Devers also taught seminars through The Branden Institute. The most recent and compelling seminar is based on the discipline of happiness. After studying the subject for many years, her approach is simple, comprehensive, and profoundly wise.

The concept of happiness is often vague, subjective, and too overwhelming for most to approach. However, Devers defines happiness as two fold. Happiness is the existence of an inner-peace - the creation of a quiet internal environment that allows people to hear themselves. Happiness is also the experience of striving for achievement, the realization of personal goals.

Devers shares the following crucial elements in the creation of happiness:

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