Everyone communicates love in different ways, so understanding each other's specific love language may be beneficial to your relationship. According to Gary Chapman, Ph.D., author of "The Five Love Languages," once you and your partner have identified with one of the five languages, you both...

“Love is the tough, essential answer to the riddle of human existence, of human wholeness and happiness. To live is to love.” -John Powell Discover seven profound secrets for staying in love in this audio episode, based on John Powell's book "The Secret of Staying in Love," presented by Jessi Kohlhagen. Click here to download the audio (right click player and "Save As")

When we spend so much time with someone, it’s easy to overlook how truly amazing the little things are. So this month, VIPs took some time to think about how much they appreciate these “little things,” and are here to share the adorable habits their partners do that they absolutely love. These are the things that make us fall for each other again and again. What are some of yours?!
19 Adorable Habits We Love In Our Partners

Written by Lifebook Member Dr. Joel Wade When we love someone, and they enter a room, that room gets a little brighter for us, like the lights have been turned up a notch. What brings that glow, that brightness from another fellow human being? Love is too rich and complex to boil down to some single facet or data point; but one of the essential elements that goes into feeling love for one another, is the experience of being seen. When we fall in love with someone, we aren’t just seeing who they are, we’re seeing the best of who they are; and to see and be seen in this way is one of the greatest, deepest joys of life. One of the central qualities of happy marriages is that both partners continue to see each other that way over time. Researchers have found that happy mates always rate their partner more highly than other friends or observers do. This is not some fantasy pretense or delusional wishful thinking. We are complex beings. Within every person is a rich world that takes time to understand. We are each full of aspirations and abilities and courage that aren’t obvious to just anybody. It takes getting to know somebody deeply to see what they’re made of; and in that knowing, a loving mate will choose the best of possibilities to focus on, to reflect back towards, and in that way, to encourage more of. In contrast, when love dies, that focus turns toward criticism and disappointment, and the gaze moves to see those very same qualities that once inspired and delighted now as weaknesses or irritations. This is a choice that each of us can make at any moment in time; we can choose to see the best in another person… or the worst. If you want love to grow, choose the former.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe… the one that governs all others. Love multiplies the best we have, and gives meaning to our lives. It is through love that we come face to face with the divine. And while the word “love” has become over-used and under-valued, here are 20 beautiful quotes that capture the essence of its mystery and magic.

The single greatest barrier standing between couples and a regularly scheduled, totally blissed out date night is the lack of a quality babysitter. Add to that the dread and stress that goes along with trying to find and keep a truly quality babysitter, and you’ve already got yourself a long list of reasons why date night probably just “isn’t worth the effort.” Sure, it’s easier to stay in, put the kids to sleep, and binge watch a Netflix series while eating some chocolate. Just throw on your favorite pair of baggy sweatpants and leap onto the old, familiar couch, and voila – date night here we come. But is comfort really what we’re trying to create more of in our love relationships? Are laziness, exhaustion, lack of ambition and untapped creativity really what we want to cultivate? On some nights - maybe. We’ve all been there, for sure. But it sure as heck doesn’t stir up any new energy, emotion or romance. These things require continual creativity and action. They require discipline and commitment. Easy doesn’t translate into extraordinary in any area of life - but this is especially true when it comes to acts of love. So what’s a family to do? Get CREATIVE.

I’ll be the first to admit – it was a glorious, beautiful thing we had back in Illinois. My husband and I both grew up there, and raising our own children within 15 minutes of nearly everyone that we loved was an absolute blessing. We saw both our families at least once a week – but often many days in a row for work, pleasure, or a lovely combination of both. Anytime we needed support – our families were there. At least once a week they would take the kids for hours on end – often overnight - so we could have some quality alone time. Many times, after a family dinner or daytime hangout, the kids would beg us to let them stay longer, just for the fun of it, and Pat and I would drive away wondering how to fill this delightfully unexpected alone time together. We were spontaneous. We could fully disconnect, knowing that the grandparents had everything totally under control. We were free to be together – not as parents, but as adults, lovers, and friends. Glorious and beautiful, indeed. Then, last winter, we decided to pack up our lives and moved 2,000 miles west, to northern California, completely alone. We knew our new adventure would be nothing other than a life-changing leap into the unknown – filled with magic, rebirth, self-discovery and the forging of a newer, brighter, more fulfilling life. And that has proven to be 100% true. But I’ll be the first to admit… Raising kids away from family blows.