19 Adorable Things Our Partners Do That We Love

When we spend so much time with someone, it’s easy to overlook how truly amazing the little things are.

So this month, VIPs took some time to think about how much they appreciate these “little things,” and are here to share the adorable habits their partners do that they absolutely love.

These are the things that make us fall for each other again and again.

What are some of yours?!

19 Adorable Habits We Love In Our Partners

My husband has an adorable habit of giving me a yearning squeeze. Whenever we are crossing paths – be it in the kitchen as we scatter to get supper together in a busy house, or just passing in a doorway – I’m so conditioned that whenever his body passes in to my personal space, it lights up in anticipation. It reminds me that he notices me and still finds me desirable, and it also plants some lustful thoughts in my own mind, which keep our love life fired up.  If there is an opportunity for us to touch and it doesn’t happen, I notice! And if it becomes less frequent, we recognize that it’s likely something off balance and we’ve got some work to do. It’s like a thermometer for our love life and I truly believe that it’s one habit that has kept our love red-hot for over 15 years.
-Tracy Thibodeau

Sheesh, one thing? Well that is a hard one to narrow down. I was just working on my Love Relationship category this morning, adding photos, some poetry our friend read at our wedding, and also added just this morning (so it’s cool to [do this post]) — One of the great things about being married to Joel has been our mutual laughter. His sense of humor, his smile, his ear-to-ear, all-in-there with his feelings, and his willingness to laugh his butt off at something funny, kind of a guy. His laughter is fabulous, he’s just fun to be with on a daily basis, we have a great time together. He’s literally fallen out of his seat in the theater, for laughing so hard. Which makes me laugh even harder just for looking at him like that. I love that about him. He’s unafraid to be himself, comfortable in his skin, in all the ways I’ve seen in him, from depth and sensitivity, to goofball, those “oof did you say that?” jokes, to the amazing benevolent human being that he is; I love every inch of this man. He makes me laugh.
-Susan Wade

Jon and I are in the habit of going to sleep in each other’s arms every single night. This might seem like something super simple and small, but the deep continuous connection it creates for us is HUGE. Try it and you’ll see what I mean! 🙂
-Missy Butcher

Renee’s habit that I absolutely adore is that she meditates… Sounds simple enough, but sometimes I catch her from a distance, or accidentally walk into a room – and she’ll be sitting there – eyes closed – with this enormous smile on her face… and it makes me wonder where she goes.
-Akira Chan

One of the things I love most about loving Pat is how he wraps all of his senses around me. Nearly every time we touch, I catch him smelling me. When we hug, he buries his face in my neck and hair and takes a deep breath – or he’ll lift my hand to his mouth to give it a kiss and linger there to smell my skin. When he kisses me, even small little kisses throughout the day, I get the sense that he’s tasting me. When he looks at me, he looks into me – really connecting with my eyes, and my being. Like lions, sometimes we rub our faces together softly to smell and touch and caress each other in gentle adoration. I’m endlessly grateful that he’s my animal 🙂
-Jessi Kohlhagen

There are obviously so many things I adore. Probably the most important is how thoughtful Pat is all the time. Some small examples of how that plays out everyday are – No matter how busy his day is, he always calls to see how I’m doing.  He REALLY LISTENS.  He does his share of the household chores.  He cuddles me as I fall asleep. I really do feel so blessed to have such a wonderful husband.
-Nicole Moore

My love loves me just like the other little men in her life.  In the morning she sets out the containers I will need to pack my lunch for the day.  In the evening she sets out my toothbrush and toothpaste to brush my teeth.  They are just little things that let me know she is thinking of me and loves me.
-Chris Condon

My husband Jeremy and I have been married for almost 6 years and almost every night, he tucks me into bed and wishes me sweet dreams. It’s such a simple thing but it makes me so happy and it’s the perfect way to end my days. Sometimes it’s just a quick hug and a kiss. Other times, he lays with me and listens to things that are weighing on my mind or making me too excited to sleep, and talking things through usually helps me wind down faster and get to sleep sooner. I’m so grateful to fall asleep night after night knowing I’m loved and in-love.
-Becky Litwicki

My lover has a habit that benefits both of us.  We both have become very aware of the need to restore our energy or just plain shut off our minds.  I never know when he will do it, as it isn’t planned. In the middle of our workday, he will spontaneously run a bath with salts or oils and turn on relaxing music. He comes and invites me to it.  I just love his spontaneous bathing ritual.
-Laurie Gentempo

One habit that Sue does that I absolutely adore… wow, okay. There’s a way that she is completely in herself; meaning that she is in her body, fully herself, right there. It’s this quality that drew me to her the moment we met. There’s such strength and resilience in her that flows from her physical, emotional, and spiritual integrity, and she practices this all the time, to the point that it’s just a natural part of her. The thing is that it’s who she is that makes this quality so deeply moving and intensely attractive to me. I don’t know if these words do justice to how much love and passion this quality allows: I feel seen by her all the way; I see her all the way; I trust her completely; I’m attracted to her completely; I’m with her completely… There are countless specific things I could say that I love about her, and I experience them all with full intensity because of this fundamental quality.
-Joel Wade

Bruce does so many things that I absolutely adore. I feel very fortunate that it was actually hard to choose just ONE habit to share here. Bruce is a physical touch person. One of my favorite things he does I call the sneak hug. He’ll sneak up behind me when I’m cooking or cleaning, or when he first gets to my house and wrap his arms around me. He’ll kiss my neck, up and down my back, and sometimes my toosh. J His strong, warm embrace makes me smile, brings me comfort and is the biggest stress buster. I just melt in his arms. It dissolves all the stress of the day away and he makes me feel so safe. It immediately connects us after being apart all day. “One day someone will hug you so tight that all your broken pieces will fit back together.” I don’t know who said this, but it pretty much sums up how Bruce’s hugs make me feel!
-Sandra Garest

She rubs my neck/head. We take walks together 2+ days per week. Being a Type A personality with my mind constantly ‘on,’ I love when Tee rubs my neck and head and we take our walks together. These 2 simple rituals help to calm my mind, slow me down, and help me to get into a relaxed state.  She also gives me a deep passionate kiss each morning, and another one before we go to bed. What more can I say? I’m a lucky guy 😉
-Dan Kuschell

I love that Ken has started wearing sexy cologne! He used to refrain because he didn’t want the chemicals on his skin, but when he finally understood how much scent turns my crank, 😉 he decided to step it up! He simply sprays it on his shirt, so everyone’s happy. As part of one of our date nights, we went to the cologne department of Saks and picked one we both love. It’s a YSL scent, but instead of calling it Yves St. Laurent, I call it “You Smell Luscious!” I LOVE it. And I love that he did this just for me. This is Kingly HOTNESS! And I’m a Happy Queen. 🙂
-Lori Losch

I love that he ALWAYS does his affirmations every day (in the shower)! It reminds me he is focusing and centering, not just for himself, but also me, our kids, and his team and patients! He’s so dedicated to them! Inspiring for sure!
-Kendra Denholm

I love that my woman is so easy to please and appreciates most the simple things in life.  I love that my wife Laughs all the time.  Also love that she forgets most everything I do to piss her off right away.
-Ken Losch

I have so many favorite habits Derek does! One is his morning rituals: he wakes up at 5:00, meditates, reads something inspirational exercises and is ready with open arms to greet us and his day with love.  I love and admire his consciousness and presence with how he lives his life.  Every Saturday and Sunday he makes a big beautiful breakfast for us, and we love what he creates.  We sit in the morning with sun streaming in through the windows, music playing and fantastic deep discussions, giggly goofy conversations and deep connections of love.  I am grateful beyond measure for the man that he is and the love he pours into us everyday.
-Tamara Strachan

There are two things that Kendra does that makes both of us think she is sexy ( even though she may not admit it). When she paints her nails (or mani pedi) and when she gets her hair done. I love to see my beautiful bride bursting with confidence and a powerful sexiness that turns heads. Also, I like it when she has the proper time to shave her legs, do her makeup and really make herself feel beautiful. Being a busy mom can sometimes take away from that and I know it’s a lot of work, but it drives me crazy and I appreciate it.  I think she looks good in sweatpants, but hey, that’s me. 😉
-Kyle Denholm

The one habit my husband Greg does that I absolutely adore is reaching for my hand every night when we snuggle to sleep. My love language is physical touch so this gesture speaks straight to my heart.  I also appreciate knowing after he’s put his caring hands on hundreds of people each day, he seeks to rest and recharge them in mine.
-Lesley Schulte

I love Akira’s recent new habit of a daily 20-minute drawing. This month, he decided to change out his 20-minute meditation and replace it with 20 minutes of spontaneous drawing. The reason I love this so much is that it is an action of honoring his creativity, which is honoring himself :). When he realized he wasn’t spending enough time being directly creative, he decided to take action. I feel a bit selfish about it loving his choice to do this because I get to geek out on all of his new drawing art pieces- they are SO AMAZING. Seeing him take this simple, yet highly important action reminded me to prioritize my creativity more.
-Renee Airya

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