Written by Lifebook Member Joe Simon It really is 90% attitude. There is no science behind what we're talking about here, just a mind-set. Something each of us have decided that takes us from being "Good" to "Great" and eventually in the hunt for our "Greatest". The...

Before I began the lifebook journey, I was prone to personal development, goal setting, etc. and although I had experienced almost every piece of this program individually (but not the same way of course) nothing seemed to click. I had affirmation statements but they didn't change...

Written by Lifebook Member Matt Beagle Over the last 15 years, I had invested many hours in learning the two main strategies I see in life with regard to money.  My study showed that you either leverage everything under the argument of the "velocity of money" or go cash only and never use debt.  I've done both, to the tune of over a million dollars and here is what I came away with at the end of it all. I had a lot of stuff with debt.  I had beautiful lakehouses, new cars, etc.  I also had stress, real stress.  And frustration that came with "where did all the money go?"  Worst of all, I found myself proud.  Proud to the point of pretentious.  Thinking I was really somebody and looking down on others when in fact I was leveraged to the hilt. Then, I decided to shift gears.  It started with my heart.

Now THIS is an amazing little experiment. We can’t say much, lest we spoil the surprise, but we will tell you the basics… Mullen (an advertising agency) posted a job ad last April with this description: World’s Toughest Job: Provides the Most Extraordinary Joy. The requirements sounded nothing short of brutal:
  • Standing up almost all the time
  • Constantly exerting yourself
  • Working from 135 to unlimited hours per week
  • Degrees in medicine, finance and culinary arts necessary
  • No vacations
  • The work load goes up on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and other holidays
  • No time to sleep
  • Salary = $0
The job ad got 2.7 million impressions from paid ad placements. Only 24 people inquired. They interviewed via webcam, and their real-time reactions were captured on video. Check out what happened below. Watch until the end for full impact.

Creating your life consciously is something I never thought about. I’ll tell you what I did think about: creating my lunch consciously. That’s about the timespan and consciousness of planning I had in my life previous to this course. Even at that, my lunch changed half the time. I had some goals, but really having a method and an awareness of taking the time to dissect them in a way that can be introduced in small and meaningful ways was never present before. This journey started with a commitment to others in my life, and ended with a commitment to everything in my life. Creating lifebook is literally creating a personal blueprint to reach excellence in every aspect of your life.

What an incredible time it is to be alive. Without a doubt, we are the luckiest generation in the history of humanity… living in the safest, cleanest, wealthiest age to date. We don’t have to focus single-mindedly, from dawn ‘til dusk, on where our next meal is going to come from, or how we’re going to survive this year’s winter, or how we could ever possibly complete the 3,000-mile trek from New York to California on foot. We have almost zero life-threatening challenges to face on a day-to-day basis, and millions upon millions of life-enriching tools at our fingertips, most of which are accessible with only the click of a tiny (virtual) button. Never have humans been so FREE to do what we want, when we want, how we want… and to do it at such lightning speed, with such miraculous efficacy. So why aren’t more of us happy? Blissfully grateful, even? Do we really understand how LUCKY we are? What would all the other generations of humanity have given to experience even a TINY fraction of the luxuries we take for granted everyday? Yet, despite the countless miracles of our modern world, most people are dissatisfied, angry, and unfulfilled. Clearly we don’t understand how charmed our lives are. We are the luckiest people who have EVER been born… Do we really have a RIGHT to be unhappy? Comedian Louis C.K. doesn’t think so, and this month we’re featuring a delightfully hilarious video clip from his interview with Conan O’Brien, that is sure to put a smile on your face and remind you just how lucky you truly are…