Joe goes from great to greatest!

Written by Lifebook Member Joe Simon

It really is 90% attitude. There is no science behind what we’re talking about here, just a mind-set. Something each of us have decided that takes us from being “Good” to “Great” and eventually in the hunt for our “Greatest”.

The Lifebook tools arrange things to help keep this out in front of us. That repetition, the lifestyle, the positive habitual day-to-day.

Humans by our nature are lazy. We search for the easiest and quickest way to do things. Once comfortable, we stay there.

Growing means reaching and busting out of that mundane model. I need to remind myself, daily, that my mind-set needs various people and tools to keep me aimed in the proper direction for growth.

Water boils at 212 degrees. What if this were true for going from being great to reaching our greatest?

One degree more. It’s that close for us – yet so far.

I’m on the hunt to find my greatest.

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