Your body is providing constant feedback. But, are you listening? On any given day, our bodies send hundreds of thousands of messages to various cells, organs, systems, and metabolic processes in order to keep things functioning in tip-top shape and in a state of homeostasis (a happy medium) - or as close to it as possible. Your ability to listen to your body signals is the number one determining factor in how healthfully and vibrantly you will live your life. Think about your sleep patterns. How do you know when it’s time to go to bed? Your body tells you. Your breathing becomes deeper and more subdued. You yawn. You think about hitting the sack. You’re tired. Try as you might to not listen, sleep is one of those things in your body’s wiring that is inevitable. Eventually, you will become so tired you have to sleep. Other body signals aren’t quite as obvious. Eating, for instance, has become a chaotic experience for the majority of Americans. Because of the lightning-fast pace of our society day-in and day-out, it’s incredibly easy to lose touch with our body signals when it comes to food. We eat for convenience, on the go, on the couch, in the drive-thru and often in between pressing tasks that steal our attention for the duration of our meals. Even movement and exercise seem to have been hijacked by an avalanche of conflicting “expert” opinions and media standards. We no longer feel what our bodies need… we must be told how to move in order to stay healthy. For most people, “healthy movement” consists of 30-60 minutes of isolated exercise in the midst of an otherwise sedentary day. The more we sit still, the less our bodies want to move, and the weaker they become. But still, they whisper silently to us -- sending us signals that would transform our lives, if only we would listen. These signals can feel like fatigue, frustration, lack of motivation, depression, or any other symptom that indicates we are out of balance. The devastating truth is that when we lose touch with what our body is telling us, we miss out on a key component to health that affects every area of our lives -- our intuition.

“A man with few friends is only half-developed; there are whole sides of his nature which are locked up and have never been expressed. He cannot unlock himself, he cannot even discover them; friends alone can stimulate him and open him.” -Randolph Bourne When it comes to expanding our social lives, quality is key.  Exceptional relationships are foundational to building a successful, fulfilling life. But this category can be one of the most challenging of all.  It’s NOT EASY to find extraordinary people, or create quality interactions.  While we at Lifebook believe that each and every person has the potential to be extraordinary, the sad truth is, it’s a very rare and beautiful thing. But they’re out there.  A whole world of remarkably unique and valuable individuals is within our reach.  We just have to create the opportunities to find them, and be ready when the moment arises.
Here are 5 Ways to Attract the RIGHT People Into Your Life:

Hello! And Happy New Year! I hope it is everything of your dreams. Lifebook has, and continues to, impact my life and it still astounds me. Another year and once again, I find myself shaking my head and wondering if this is really happening and HOW? I...