Joe Goes After His Wildest Dreams

Written by Lifebook Member Joe Santiago

I realized that, while I had achieved some success in certain areas of my life, the only way to lead a truly extraordinary life was to ensure that any success I did experience did not come at the expense of other areas of my life. For example, having a great career did not really mean much, if my health and personal relationships suffered as a result.

I also realized that the only way to create an extraordinary life was to put serious thought into what that meant to me, and what it looked like. I now finally have the tool to answer the question, ‘What does your ideal life look like?’ and even better, a process to go out and create it.

I don’t think I will ever be able to express how truly thankful I am to Jon and the entire Lifebook staff for this experience. You have given me a gift beyond my wildest dreams and you have saved my life, and have put me on the road to the kind of life that most people would not even believe is possible.




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