Get ready to stretch your mental muscles and immerse yourself in a world of intellectual expansion. This month, Lifebook has highlighted 5 mind-blowing short videos, and although they cover a variety of topics, they are all guaranteed to change the way you think about thinking.
Great feats of memory anyone can do h
Our lives are the sum total of our memories. How much are we willing to lose from our already short lives by being too lazy to process our experience deeply? Each of us has an incredible capacity to remember. But if you want to live a truly memorable life, you have to be the kind of person who remembers to remember. In his compelling TED Talk, Joshua Foer shares his story of activating his memory, and shares memory techniques and shortcuts that force a depth of processing and mindfulness that most of us don’t normally exercise…

I met my wife Sue 24 years ago at a Thanksgiving party with some friends of ours. Normally I would have been with my extended family - Thanksgiving was always a favorite of my parents - but this year they hosted our family dinner on Friday, so other family members could be with their respective in-laws. Had my parents not changed the routine that year, Sue and I might never have met; we never would have been married, we would never have had our kids, and the life we know would be different in so many ways it’s hard to fathom. Many other circumstances lined up just right to lead to that night that might not have worked out - my wife might not have come to the dinner (she almost didn’t), one or both of us might have lived in another town, we might not have known these particular friends… It's pretty remarkable if you think about it, that two people ever meet. But people do, and we did.  If you're married, it might be worth considering there’s a chance the two of you might never have met. Doing this deliberately can also make you happier.

Our lives are steeped in habits – for better or for worse. And no single habit holds more authority over our quality of life than a morning habit. Mornings are the single most powerful time of day. Whether we choose to be aware of it or not...

Written and shared by Lifebook Member Lindsay Ambrose I just reached my one-year anniversary of Lifebook. I am truly thinking, feeling, and acting differently and realizing the the life vision I created a year ago. It feels so good to be in control and living everyday with meaning and fulfillment. Here are a few things from Lifebook that have had the greatest impact for me over the last year:
Health and Fitness
Since Lifebook, I wake up early every morning before my family and have a routine that includes reading, meditating, writing, and moving my body through yoga or running. My morning routine is sacred time for me and it sets positive tone that stays with me the whole day. I even completed a half-marathon in the Fall with a personal record. But my greatest accomplishment is not that record, it's the overall shift that has taken place in my mind. I am now mindful that how I move my body and what I put into it affects my overall mood and ability to achieve my goals. I make different positive choices everyday and if I slide during the day—I have my morning to check back in and reset.