Written by Jessi Kohlhagen Fear. It can stop us from doing great things, and it can keep us holding tight to the things that are hurting us. Most people operate in unconscious avoidance of fear, enabling it to color their thoughts, feelings and patterns. This causes them to procrastinate, lash out at others, react unconsciously, shrink in insecurity, hold themselves back from connecting with people in a meaningful way, and continually poison their dreams with doubt. Trust me, I get it. I’ve spent the better part of two years diving headfirst into my fears, exploring the terrain of my inner wilderness, and recovering the pieces of my soul that lie hidden deep within. It is no easy task. As Carl Jung said, “There is no birth of consciousness without pain.” But if I’ve learned anything through it all, it’s this… Every single decision we make in life is motivated by one of two things: fear or faith. In each and every moment, we have the power to choose. The key is to become aware of what motivates our choices, and to slowly, gently ease ourselves more and more in the direction of courage, trust and freedom. Because here’s what most people don’t realize… The lack of acknowledgment and exploration of our fears is exactly what gives them power. You can squirm over, under and around your fear. But you will never overcome it, or discover the treasure it contains, until you walk straight through it.
Here are 36 Quotes to Move You From Fear to Freedom:

Written by Lifebook Vice President, Sandra Garest
Why be great?
Why focus on excellence and continuous improvement? Sure it takes effort, discipline and gigantic focus to live an extraordinary, world-class life. So why do it? Because it makes you feel good, which makes it all worth it. It all centers around this big idea… Playing below your potential makes you feel bad about yourself.

Just about everyone in the world has a bad habit they’d like to quit. Whether it’s smoking, sugar, shopping, nail biting, porn, excessive social media or TV, or any other distraction… for better or worse, we humans are wired for habitual behavior. The problem is, most of...