Click here to download the audio (right click player and "save as"). In this powerful audio with author and transformational coach, Lion Goodman, we learn:

1. Who he is, and his own personal journey of evolution 2. The true definition of a “belief” 3. Why healthy beliefs are foundational to achieving one’s life vision 4. How our subconscious mind works to help us (or hinder us) in achieving our life vision 5. Where limiting beliefs come from 6. How to know if you have a limiting belief in an area of your life, and tools to help you uncover them 7. Some of the most common limiting beliefs Lion’s seen around living an extraordinary life 8. How to truly transform your beliefs, without feeling phony, inauthentic or conflicted 9. The benefits of upgrading your belief system 10. And much more!

Neuroscience now proves that our thoughts change the structure and function of our brains… Not to mention their role in literally creating our reality, as demonstrated through the exciting world of quantum mechanics. As we learn in this month’s LifeNote, You Are The Placebo -- by practicing positive expectancy in the form of visualization or intentional repeated thought patterns (affirmations) we have the power to alter the brain’s neurological circuitry, and rewire ourselves so that new realities can emerge. You really do have the power to create a whole new reality for yourself. With a clear intention (your affirmation), positive expectancy (absolute belief in its attainment), and powerful emotional energy, you have all the ingredients you need to make your thoughts a tangible reality. Do this every single day, and your life will transform more quickly and powerfully than you ever thought possible. This is the extraordinary power of the human mind.

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Written by Lifebook Team Member, John Vieceli "We are creating our lives every day, and yet we don’t think of it as being “creative” in the traditional sense. However, if you don’t look at your life as a creative act, then you’re not going to view...

We’re all aware of the groundbreaking evidence neuroscientists and physiologists have been gathering on the incredibly beneficial relationship between exercise and brainpower. But new findings are making it clear that this isn’t just A relationship - it’s THE relationship… And it could be the key to fully unlocking your intellectual potential. In just the past few months, using sophisticated technologies to examine the inner workings of neurons and the makeup of brain matter, scientists have discovered that exercise helps to literally BUILD a brain that resists physical shrinkage and enhance cognitive flexibility, even with age.

It’s becoming clear that EXERCISE does more to boost thinking than THINKING does.

How can exercising build brainpower in ways that thinking can’t?

"Everything we do at Silva is about manifesting the life of your design – and Lifebook helped me place my focus and attention on the things that matter most to me." -Laura Silva As the President of Silva International, Laura aggressively pursues new research into the fields...