55 Affirmations to Transform Your Mind & Your Life

Neuroscience now proves that our thoughts change the structure and function of our brains…

Not to mention their role in literally creating our reality, as demonstrated through the exciting world of quantum mechanics.

As we learn in this month’s LifeNote, You Are The Placebo — by practicing positive expectancy in the form of visualization or intentional repeated thought patterns (affirmations) we have the power to alter the brain’s neurological circuitry, and rewire ourselves so that new realities can emerge.

You really do have the power to create a whole new reality for yourself.

With a clear intention (your affirmation), positive expectancy (absolute belief in its attainment), and powerful emotional energy, you have all the ingredients you need to make your thoughts a tangible reality.

Do this every single day, and your life will transform more quickly and powerfully than you ever thought possible.

This is the extraordinary power of the human mind.

In honor of Intellectual Month at Lifebook, we have some powerful affirmations to activate your mental capacity to manifest everything you want in your life.

As always, once you’ve had a chance to read them, please share your thoughts with us below in the comments!

55 Affirmations to Transform Your Mind & Your Life

I am ready for change. I welcome change.

I attract only the people, things and experiences that serve my highest good

I create my reality

I trust myself to make the best decisions

I don’t sweat the small stuff

I am in charge of the thoughts I think, and today I choose positivity and joy.

My mind is clear, focused and tranquil.

I have the power to create BIG change

Today I let go even more deeply of all that no longer serves me

My presence is my power.

I am a magnet for brilliant ideas

Divine inspiration surrounds me

Today I am wide awake and choose to see the world through fresh eyes

Today I am filled with creative energy

My creativity flows freely and unrestricted

My mind is free and open

I welcome all new ideas, thoughts and opinions with an open mind

I have a powerful imagination

I easily find solutions to challenges and move past them swiftly

Mistakes and setbacks are stepping stones to my success because I learn so much from them

Everyday I become more mindful and aware

I choose to see the good in others, and treat them as if that’s all I see

I breathe in peace, I breathe out chaos and disorder

In all that I say and do, I spread peace

I respond peacefully and calmly in all situations

I am grounded in the experience of the present moment

I am so grateful for this moment

I observe my thoughts without judging them

Life is happening in this moment, and I am aware and grateful

I meditate easily without resistance or anxiety

I make excellent choices that move my life powerfully toward my dreams

My wisdom always guides me to the right decisions, so I never need to worry or stress

I let go of all the false stories I make up in my head

I believe in my ability to change the world with a contribution that is greater than myself

I let go of all the worries that drain my energy

I make smart, powerful plans for my future

I follow my dreams no matter what

Every single one of my problems has a solution

I have the intelligence and ability to get through this

I invite new ways of thinking about this situation

The answers I seek are all inside me, even if I haven’t found them yet

I believe in my ability to unlock the way and set myself free

The past has no power over me, because I am willing to learn and grow

I transcend all negative thoughts and low actions

I no longer resist the lessons I’m learning, even when they are challenging

Today is a clean slate

I transform all negative energy into love and light

I have the power to still and silence my mind, easily and effortlessly

No matter what happens, I always have the power to choose a positive attitude

I choose to focus on my life’s solutions, not its problems

Stress and worry use my imagination to create what I do not want, while positive expectancy and gratitude use my imagination to create more of what I do want

Awareness entails seeing and accepting my inner condition exactly as it is now

It only takes a moment to close my eyes and find my center point

I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet – Gandhi

Nothing is impossible

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