Passion is powerful.  It’s the “juice” of life, and the motor for happiness and fulfillment. Through the identification and expression of our passion, we plug ourselves directly into who and what we are at the deepest level possible, and can ultimately define why we are here… our reason for existing and evolving as human beings. The act of simply doing what we love, in and of itself creates more love of life.  When passion becomes a driving force for our actions, we begin living with more clarity and purpose.  We have a guiding force for our creativity, and a vehicle with which to express it. But how can we discover what it is we’re truly passionate about?  And, more importantly, how can we create more of it in our lives?

10 Questions To Unleash Your Passion

The following is a list of questions to help you identify and unlock your passion, so that you can create an infatuation with your life experience and bring your absolute best to the world.

“There is one power in the universe. It does not matter what you call it. You can’t get wet by the word ‘water,’ you must get in.” – Lao Tzsu Spirituality is deeply personal. It's about a personal relationship with one’s creator, or the universe, or all that exists. It's not only about what one believes – it's a path one walks; a process that unfolds in one’s life. Spirituality is an experience. It goes directly to WHO and WHAT ONE IS and WHY ONE IS HERE at the deepest possible level. No one can hand a person these answers. It's up to each of us to discover them on our life’s journey. Lifebook is about taking responsibility to think through and be clear about everything in our lives. This category can be a little more difficult than the others. It's intangible. You can't see Spirituality… you can't wrap your arms around it. But the responsibility is still the same – to bring consciousness and clarity to every important aspect of our Spiritual Lives. This month, we’re shining a spotlight on 6 extraordinary Lifebook Members who have taken responsibility, brought consciousness and clarity, and radically transformed their Spiritual Lives. They represent the top 6 most improved Spiritual Lives of the past year, based on the quarterly Intra-Spect Assessment data. Join us in welcoming and congratulating our ignited members this month by reading their stories of evolution below, and leaving an encouraging comment for them…