Hey Lifebookers, Jon and Missy here. Today we have a super special gift to share with you -- one that is very near and dear to our hearts. For this week's Lifebook Loves, we're thrilled to highlight the brilliant work of our dear friend and mentor of over 20 years, the late Dr. Nathaniel Branden. World-renowned for his work in psychotherapy, Nathaniel was widely considered the pioneer and world's leading expert on the subject of self-esteem. He was a great thinker, a compassionate teacher of rational values, and ultimately a champion for happiness. For more than two decades Missy and I were honored to call Nathaniel one of our dearest friends and teachers. And as we mention in the credits of the Lifebook Program, no single person on earth had a greater influence over our lives and our work than Nathaniel. Today you can get a free glimpse into Nathaniel's breakthrough audio program, Succeeding Through Inner Strength.

Are you a coffee lover? If you're like most people, coffee is something you consider a vice -- a delightful, albeit indulgent, part of your diet. The good news? There have been literally thousands of scientific studies proving the incredible health and disease-fighting benefits of coffee. The not-so-good news? Almost NO ONE knows about it! Introducing the first-ever Lifebook Loves Podcast episode -- where Jon explores the amazing, life-changing benefits of coffee.