In this month’s audio presentation by Lifebook Member Ken Coscia, we take an in-depth look at failure; what it means, why we fear it, and how we can redefine it in our lives. With his takeaway daily strategies and tips, Ken inspires us to increase our...

This program OVER delivers.  Every time!  That's what most impresses me about Lifebook.  I do know how special this is, because I've done a lot of these things and been involved in this world [of personal development] for a long time and NOTHING compares to what Lifebook delivers.  The transformation I see is mind blowing! I want to personally thank you guys, because although I've been doing this stuff for a long time it's Lifebook that kicked my life up one huge notch.  Everything I wrote down in my Lifebook almost 2 years ago has come true.  I am TOTALLY living that life right now.  Only 2 short years later.  And I thought I was dreaming BIG.  I thought I was dreaming just beyond what I could achieve.  But less than 2 years later, it is 95% attained! I am so grateful to you guys for this program!  The content is REMARKABLE.  You put the bar so high in all the categories that you allow us to really go for it.  The process is perfect.  It makes you go DEEP and really get clear.  Then the VIP Bootcamp is beyond powerful.  There's nothing that will get you where you want to go like the Bootcamp!  I feel so honored and grateful to be a part of this community!  And I'm excited to help us grow in ANY way possible!    

This month, in honor of the Emotional category of focus, Lifebook Member and author Lori Losch is sharing a chapter from her newest book Safe Souls: Transforming Relationships and Business with us.





I recently had the privilege of spending time with Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island, his gorgeous private oasis in the BVIs. Various events took place throughout the week—kite surfing, tennis tournaments, business mastermind sessions, theme parties and more. About 25 people attended, representing 15 different companies. During one of the masterminds, each company’s leader was asked to present a 10-minute TED-style talk. The topic? … An idea that has added at least $250,000 to the company’s bottom line. My husband Ken Losch, Founder and CEO of Advanced Green Innovations and Trillium Residential, asked me if he could share Safe Souls—a distinction I created and he subsequently implemented in his own life. I loved that a gathering of international business leaders would soon be hearing about Safe Souls. It has significantly impacted my life, has wildly benefitted Ken’s businesses and has been transformational in our personal relationships, so we’d love for Safe Souls to go global. The world needs more kindness and this formula has the power to usher it in.

By: Lucas F. When I was about to begin my Lifebook session, I had huge expectations. I really believed this experience would be significant enough to change my life. After 4 days, I'm convinced it will! My answer for the first question we were asked Thursday morning was: "I want to have a feeling that I know which direction I'm supposed to and I want to go." And now I realize that's not what Lifebook is all about. It's not a magic recipe for success, no one is telling you what to do. It's not teaching you what to think, nor how to think. IT MAKES YOU THINK. I feel like this is the best thing I've done so far - thought about my life deeply. I always knew I had potential to live a good, comfortable life. But when I was planning and thinking about my life - my future - it was never extraordinary. Lifebook made me realize I was limiting myself. Now I know I deserve all there in on our planet. I deserve the best, I want it all, I want to achieve amazing life success. Moreover, what's the most important is that I know - I am 110% confident that I will achieve it - no doubt about that. How? By implementing my strategy, by achieving all my goals, one by one. I know that's the path I should walk... that's the path to my ideal life.

“Like most people, you spend much of your time swimming in a sea of negativity and complaints. Just as a fish may not even be aware of the water that surrounds it, you may not be aware of all the complaints you hear and speak.” -Will Bowen Complaining is so much a part of our society, it can be difficult to recognize what is and is not a complaint.  So let’s begin with a definition… The dictionary defines the word 'complain' as: an expression of dissatisfaction, pain, or grief; to find fault. Basically, complaining is the counter-opposite of being grateful, content, and self-responsible. And boy, do people love to complain. Open your ears and you'll hear that complaining has become an integral part of most people's daily exchanges.  Many times, people use complaints as icebreakers – beginning a conversation with a negative observation because they believe it will elicit a greater response than something positive (and, unfortunately, they're often right). People complain about cold weather, hot weather, traffic, lack of sleep, hunger, fullness, uncomfortable clothes, jobs, lack of jobs… the list is endless.

Written by Lifebook Team Member, John Vieceli "We are creating our lives every day, and yet we don’t think of it as being “creative” in the traditional sense. However, if you don’t look at your life as a creative act, then you’re not going to view...