Stephen Re-Energizes His Lifebook (and his life)!

My journey has been long and winding. I went through the Lifebook experience in 2007 in San Diego and was really excited for the process, only to set my Lifebook down and not really address it or pick it up for many years. Then when I really needed the refocus, I received an email about the free VIP Bootcamp trial, and for some reason that really got me excited again. It was the right time.

Going through the Bootcamp process has refocused me to get a grip not only on my life, but my Life Vision. Just in the last 8 weeks, things are happening; opportunities are presenting themselves and I have created a clear path for this year and beyond.

Jon, just gets it. The way that he relays the concepts and information are in format and method that get the messages across. Yes it’s work. Yes it takes time. Yes it is an on going process. A lifetime process; but what better process and project to work on and build: your life.

The Lifebook lifestyle is real. Clean. Self evident.

The power to create the life you imagine and dream of is within your grasp.

You just have to reach out, embrace it. Jon and Lifebook provide a system that will systematically give you the tools and methods, yea you have to do the work, but support is by your side to help and guide.

It’s no looking back. Habits are forming and creating a life that is visibly different then it was 8 weeks ago. Not only in attitude, but in belief. Belief that I will build my ideal life. Thank you Jon and Lifebook!

Stephen Nave

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