Telling my Lifebook story sounds like writing my autobiography. I do not plan to be intimidated by the task, so here she goes….. I was ripe for the picking when my friend and to-be facilitator of the Lifebook program called me to invite me to participate...

Let’s take a moment to recognize and appreciate just how far we’ve come as a species.
Looking at the world’s most recent heartbreak – the ebola epidemic in West Africa, terrorist attacks in France, the Syrian refugee crisis, the frequency of public shootings -- it would be easy for you to look back on 2015 and think it was a horrific year that catapulted our species even further in the wrong direction. But -- you’d be wrong. We have every reason to believe that 2015 was, in fact, the best year in human history. All of the most important elements that determine things like how long we live, and whether we live happily and freely are trending in an extremely favorable direction. The fact is, until very recently, life for most people was dark, scarce, brutal, and above all — brief. According to PRI: “The causes are pretty obvious: bad food, bad hygiene, bad toilet habits, and almost no understanding of infectious disease. About one in four children born in America or England in the 1860s would die before their 5th birthday. And that was nationally. In crowded cities like Liverpool, in England, that figure could reach 50 percent.” The more you know about history, the more grateful and happy you become to be alive now. So let’s take a moment to review the facts, and hold tremendous gratitude for those who have worked tirelessly to make this world a better place… because they have succeeded. Here are 30 reasons we’re living in the greatest time in human history:

“We live on a hunk of rock and metal that circles a humdrum star that is one of 400 billion other stars that make up the Milky Way Galaxy, which is one of out of a billion of other galaxies, which make up a universe, which may very well be one of a very large number, perhaps an infinite number, of other universes. That is a perspective on human life that is well worth pondering.” -Carl Sagan We are a collection of water, calcium and organic molecules. Sounds pretty unimpressive… and yet, this is one of the most exciting and enlivening facts of all. Our deepest gratitude should come from having the fortune to BE anything at all… especially a conscious participant in the beautiful and mysterious dance that is LIFE. In honor of this beautiful mystery, here are 8 of the all-time best documentaries on the universe - and our place in it - which are sure to leave you feeling humbled, honored, and awed.

Let me first start by saying “THANK YOU” to Jon, Missy and the Lifebook team for selecting me as the January Health & Fitness Challenge Winner.  It’s been a busy year for me and I am now taking my trip to Cancun!  Thank you Jon...

Written By Lifebook VIP Sarah Price Hello Lifebook Family!! I am very excited to share that my husband and I are expecting our first little one (so the parenting chapter will take on a whole new meaning for us now!). But I also wanted to share...

Personal photos make your Lifebook beautiful and give it a powerful emotional charge.
General Tips:
  • You will want to bring photographs that evoke positive and inspiring emotions.
  • Get them as organized as you can by category. If you can, we recommend choosing 12 great horizontal photos for the cover page of each of the categories!
  • Photos of yourself will be helpful in many of the Personal Life categories.
  • Pictures of yourself with your lover, family and friends are perfect for your Relationship Categories.
  • Nature photos or pictures of anything that inspires and motivates you can be great for a number of categories.
  • You may also want to include photographs of the places you love and the things/experiences you want in your life.

Written By Lifebook Member Patricia Pilla I just completed LifeBook on February 23, 2014, my 60th birthday.  I thought at this time in my life, I would never change and boy was I surprised to learn that I am just starting!!!  LifeBook brought me to new...