Creating A Mindful Pregnancy

Written By Lifebook VIP Sarah Price

Hello Lifebook Family!! I am very excited to share that my husband and I are expecting our first little one (so the parenting chapter will take on a whole new meaning for us now!). But I also wanted to share how the Lifebook process is impacting my pregnancy…

I knew very early on that I wanted to be very intentional with my pregnancy.

The Lifebook framework of Premise (beliefs), Vision, Purpose and Strategy automatically came to mind. So one day I sat down and spent a few hours really thinking through each of these sections for my pregnancy, and built out this new chapter of my life. I found some quotes that inspired me, along with pictures that matched what I had written, and I organized it, and then printed it all out and put it in a special folder that I keep on my desk. I now read over My Pregnancy chapter a few times a week and I know for a fact this has made a HUGE positive impact on my pregnancy already.

In an exciting (and potentially scary) time in our lives, I am taking control of the controllable and making sure that I approach my pregnancy with the right frame of mind (emotional life), health and fitness, and team of experts to support us along the way (along with every other Lifebook category that fits into this!). I know that I want to hire a doula to help us with the labor and delivery process, and I love that I can show them my Lifebook chapter so that they can understand my approach to my pregnancy and see if they are a good fit.

Thank you again, Lifebook, for an amazing life development system that truly makes a difference!

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