Written by Jessi Kohlhagen When it comes right down to it, we’re all social animals looking for a sense of belonging. And though we are undeniably ‘more connected than ever before’ as a global online community, it’s plain to see that at the ground level, in the day-to-day flow of life on Earth, many of us are missing that foundational sense of belonging to a soul tribe that is so intrinsic to our human experience. We all want deeper meaning, connection, and fulfillment -- and we yearn to share the burdens and joys of daily living with a tribe of people whose soul values are aligned with our own. Are you ready to deepen your connection with your planetary brothers and sisters?

Here are 36 affirmations to elevate your social life, and attract your soul tribe:

Are you searching for your dream tribe of extraordinary soul-friends? We all yearn for the deep sense of belonging and wellbeing that can only come from being an integral part of a larger community. Yet when it comes to actually finding or creating community, many of us are left scratching our heads wondering how on earth people do it. This begs the question… How can we consciously create our dream community, and our greater vision for our social lives? And while there are countless social strategies, tips and tricks you can explore, we hope this sweet & simple article serves as a reminder of three powerful social premises:

1. Extraordinary relationships require you to be an extraordinary individual first (you have to create what you want to be a part of) 2. You can always grow, right where you’re planted 3. Making friends is often so much simpler than we make it out be

At Lifebook, we believe that cultivating conscious community is not only possible for everyone -- it’s a vital part of human health, happiness and life success.

Are you searching for your dream tribe of extraordinary soul-friends? We all yearn for the deep sense of belonging and wellbeing that can only come from being an integral part of a larger community. Yet when it comes to actually finding or creating community, many of us...

Written by Jessi Kohlhagen “If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?” -Rumi Everything that upsets us about others can lead us to a greater understanding of ourselves, if we choose it. No matter how much they irritate us, don’t share our same beliefs, or don’t do things the way we like, we are ultimately responsible for how we choose to respond (and for the consequences those responses have on our lives). And this doesn't only mean our external, verbal responses. It means our inner responses -- the mental, emotional, energetic reactions that are triggered in the deepest parts of our being, and the destruction (or growth) these responses can cause in our lives. An awakened human being realizes that the other person is never the problem. Something powerfully transformational happens when you take this truth to heart and apply it to absolutely everything in your life.

Jon interviews Joe Polish to unlock his secrets and best practices for befriending some of the world’s most successful people. Joe Polish is a world-renowned marketing expert, and true relationship genius.  He’s had an immense positive impact on Jon and Missy’s personal social life, and has...

Ralph Waldo Emerson impacted the world with his words. One of Emerson's biggest inspirations to his great works were his relationships. In countless writings, Emerson reflects about the importance of the people we invite in to our lives: our friends.

Read on to be inspired on how to become the most extraordinary friend possible:

Spend time together "Go often to the house of thy friend, for weeds choke the unused path." Friendships, like all living beings, require significant maintenance. If your friendship isn't growing, it's dying. Carve out time and commit to spending quality time, doing quality activities with your friends to ensure healthy, growing relationships.

By Lifebook Member Patricia Jones

Lifebook encourages its members to take advantage of every opportunity to celebrate life throughout each category. This 'Carpe diem' (seize the day) philosophy is one that I actively apply to every aspect of my life, including my Social Life.

Oftentimes people remark to me that I have so much fun in my social life. But having fun doesn't come by accident. For me, making meaningful social connections has become an everyday experience. No matter how brief my interactions with others, each person I encounter is in my LIFE and I want to share something with them, even if only for a moment. I continually apply my practice of truly acknowledging people as important individuals through questions and comments. Additionally, creating environments of comfort, fun and adventure for my friends is of critical importance to me.

I’m enjoying a tasty Expresso, while watching the morning sun warm the crystal clear waters of the Caldera in Santorini, Greece. The sleepy town of Fira is starting to come to life now; shopkeepers and café owners greeting each other, farmers driving horse-drawn carts hauling vegetables into town, dogs barking, motorbikes humming in the streets above the village…

Most of us have heard the advice, “Choose your friends wisely.” Of course, we all know that phrase to be true on some level, but in reality, it’s truer than most people recognize. The people we choose as our friends can contribute greatly to...