How To Build Community: 47 Simple Ways

Are you searching for your dream tribe of extraordinary soul-friends?

We all yearn for the deep sense of belonging and wellbeing that can only come from being an integral part of a larger community.

Yet when it comes to actually finding or creating community, many of us are left scratching our heads wondering how on earth people do it.

This begs the question…

How can we consciously create our dream community, and our greater vision for our social lives?

And while there are countless social strategies, tips and tricks you can explore, we hope this sweet & simple article serves as a reminder of three powerful social premises:

  1. Extraordinary relationships require you to be an extraordinary individual first (you have to create what you want to be a part of)
  2. You can always grow, right where you’re planted
  3. Making friends is often so much simpler than we make it out be

At Lifebook, we believe that cultivating conscious community is not only possible for everyone — it’s a vital part of human health, happiness and life success.

We’d love to know… what simple ways do you connect with your community?

Leave your own strategies in the comments at the bottom of this post!

Here are 47 Simply Ways to Build Community

  1. Turn off your TV and put down your phone
  2. Leave your house
  3. Release the fear of being yourself (totally and truly!)
  4. Know your neighbors
  5. Always give warm welcomes
  6. Look up when you’re walking
  7. Greet people
  8. Look into people’s eyes
  9. Hang out on your stoop
  10. Talk to other parents at the park
  11. Plant a community garden
  12. Use your local library (or start a book lending cupboard!)
  13. Start a tool lending library
  14. Play together on the front lawn
  15. Host a backyard movie night
  16. Buy from local merchants
  17. Create a neighborhood social media page
  18. Share what you have
  19. Pick up your neighbors fallen trash can
  20. Take children to the park
  21. Support neighborhood schools
  22. Fix it even if you didn’t break it
  23. Have pot lucks
  24. Honor elders
  25. Pick up litter
  26. Read stories out loud
  27. Dance in the street
  28. Talk to the mail carrier
  29. Listen to the birds
  30. Put up a swing
  31. Help carry something heavy
  32. Shovel your neighbor’s sidewalk when it snows (especially if it’s difficult for them)
  33. Share small neighborhood gifts during the holidays
  34. Barter for your goods
  35. Start a tradition
  36. Give back with community service
  37. Learn from others by asking questions
  38. Hire young people for odd jobs
  39. Organize a block party
  40. Bake extra and share
  41. Ask for help when you need it
  42. Open your shades
  43. Sing together
  44. Share your skills
  45. Mediate a conflict
  46. Seek to understand
  47. Learn to be present in new and uncomfortable situations
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