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How has YOUR life transformed since Lifebook? This month's Vision-to-Reality Video Contest started with ONE Lifebook Member. His name is Phil Tyrone, and he recorded a short video that was just amazing (you can watch it below)... He started by opening up his Life Vision document to the part where he described his dream home, and then he WALKED US THROUGH that dream home, which he and his wife Lily CREATED. For the Lifebook Team, these are the most fulfilling moments imaginable.  Helping people get clear on their vision, and then turning it into reality is what we DO.  It's what we LIVE FOR. We know there are SO MANY Lifebook Members out there that have manifested their vision... and we want to hear your story! Lifebook Members around the world, grab your iPhone or webcam and start talking! Grab a simple recording device, show us your beautiful faces, and record a video no longer than 3 minutes, in which you will share your amazing your success story with the world. Just talk it out.  Bring consciousness to your triumphs.  Be proud of them.  Bask in your glory.  And win some INCREDIBLE PRIZES in the process!  (See instructions below)