12 Sacred Choices – A Daily Habit Tracking System

Jon and Missy here, with another life-changing Lifebook Loves!

Today we’re here to share our favorite life-development technique EVER.

We call it our “12 Sacred Choices,” and it consists of tracking the 12 most important habits in our lives, each and every day.

Gaining control over your habits is so incredibly important when it comes to designing and living an extraordinary life.

Your habits shape your life and define you as a human being. You ARE what you continuously DO.

This tool makes it easy, automatic and almost effortless to step into your life vision each and every day. And now you can try it out for yourself!

Click here to download your copy of our simple habit chart and start tracking your habits today.

Below we’ve listed some powerful examples of daily habits to help inspire you as you come up with your own list. We recommend choosing the 12 most important habits you want to cultivate, but if you choose to do less or more, that’s perfectly fine too!

We truly believe that this one concept, applied correctly, will do more for you than any other strategy you’ll ever encounter.

We hope you enjoy! 🙂

-Jon and Missy Butcher






Get at least 8 hours of sleep

Wake up early

Exercise for 30 minutes

Drink green smoothie

Meditate for 20 minutes

Avoid [alcohol, sugar, gluten, etc]

Gratitude ritual

Do something thoughtful for your partner

Play with your children

Practice deep breathing


Make art

Make love


Drink half of body weight in ounces

Spend time in nature

Limit screen time

Visualization exercises

Work on your Lifebook

Take supplements

Cook family dinner

Keep house clean

Daily financial check-in

Read a book

Invest time/energy in a passion project

Call or text a friend

Prayer / Devotion / Spiritual ritual

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