By: Lifebook Member Anthony Foster Walking through the hallway at the October 2015 Genius Network Event I noticed the Lifebook table and began to ask questions. As the questions were being answered I said that it was something that my wife would need. I knew that she would not go on her own so I decided to sign us both up for the January class in Phoenix. I knew it would be a challenge to get her to attend a workshop environment for learning, she does not like that sort of thing. That is the sort of thing that I would do because I have been attending Strategic Coach with Dan Sullivan for years and it has made a great difference in my lifestyle. I filled out the form and paid the deposit to secure the space for my wife and I and asked the lady there, "Please do not contact my wife until I give you clearance." I had to create the opportune time to inform her that we were going to do Lifebook. After telling her, I had to take all sorts of abuse and reminders that we had different interest. I told her that she would like it . She told me that I would not know and to stop trying to convince her. I called the lady at Lifebook and said that she could contact my wife now that I was walking around on eggshells. The next time Lifebook was mentioned in my house was when we were having a family function and my wife asked me to capture some pictures for her Lifebook . That was a good sign.

Character determines our destiny, and virtues are the core essence of our character. The more we recognize the impact that consciously practicing virtues has on our lives, the more we open up to new possibilities, growth and greater joy and fulfillment. So pull out your Lifebooks and flip to your Character chapter… it’s time to hand-select the virtues you are most committed to mastering this month! Explore our Master List of Virtues below, and discover powerful new definitions for each of them.

In honor of the virtue of “order,” they've been organized into six main categories: Wisdom and Knowledge, Courage, Humanity, Justice, Temperance and Transcendence (adapted from Values in Action classification of strengths, Peterson and Seligman, 2004).

Once you’ve read through the list, comment at the bottom to share which virtues resonate most deeply with you at this point in your life. And if you have a virtue to add that isn’t listed below, be sure to share it with us! Enjoy!

How To Prepare
Arrange Transportation and A Place To Sleep
  • Arrange transportation
    • Fly into Chicago O'Hare or Midway Airport no later than 3 pm on Thursday, June 23rd
    • We recommend renting a car from the airport you fly into for the weekend. (Shuttles will not available. Ubers and cabs are more costly and have limited availability in the suburbs.)
    • Flight departure can be anytime after Sunday, June 26th at 7 pm
  • Book hotel room
    • We have pre-booked several rooms at local hotels for all of you. Please contact Sandra ( by May 31st to have one transferred to you.
Please Complete Lifebook’s Lifestyle Assessment Click here to take the Intra-Spect Assessment (Please allow 15- 20 minutes).

Written by Lifebook Member Max Cheng It is a great experience to have Lifebook integrated into my everyday life. Every morning I spend at least one hour listening to the audio/video from Jon Butcher. In other hours, I follow the plan written to get tasks accomplished...

Your Lifebook Design Session How to Prepare and FAQs Welcome to Lifebook and congratulations on making a decision that will positively impact the rest of your life! The information on this page will help you get the most out of your Lifebook Design Session. There are 4 simple...

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live without the countless luxuries we enjoy everyday?

What are some of the items or products that truly make your life better, and contribute to your happiness and wellbeing?

We asked Lifebook VIPS to share some of their most treasured possessions, and here’s what they came up with…


My Vitamix!
Before my Vitamix I had no idea just how smooth a smoothie could be. Now I can’t imagine how I’d get all of my nutrients and raw foods everyday without it. Jessi Kohlhagen Things-2
My Bose In-Ear Head Phones.
The quality of music they provide is wonderful. Music makes my heart happy and to have them makes it sound like I am listening to the music being played right in front of me. Jessica Dziurkowski