I Thought It Was For My Wife!

By: Lifebook Member Anthony Foster

Walking through the hallway at the October 2015 Genius Network Event I noticed the Lifebook table and began to ask questions. As the questions were being answered I said that it was something that my wife would need. I knew that she would not go on her own so I decided to sign us both up for the January class in Phoenix.

I knew it would be a challenge to get her to attend a workshop environment for learning, she does not like that sort of thing. That is the sort of thing that I would do because I have been attending Strategic Coach with Dan Sullivan for years and it has made a great difference in my lifestyle.

I filled out the form and paid the deposit to secure the space for my wife and I and asked the lady there, “Please do not contact my wife until I give you clearance.” I had to create the opportune time to inform her that we were going to do Lifebook. After telling her, I had to take all sorts of abuse and reminders that we had different interest. I told her that she would like it . She told me that I would not know and to stop trying to convince her. I called the lady at Lifebook and said that she could contact my wife now that I was walking around on eggshells.

The next time Lifebook was mentioned in my house was when we were having a family function and my wife asked me to capture some pictures for her Lifebook . That was a good sign.

On the first gathering of the group, my wife in no uncertain terms made it clear that she was there because I had signed her up . I knew it would be good for her and at the end of the sessions she agreed with me and declared how much she loved me. Well worth the investment!

I thought this investment was for my wife, but it has turned on an energy in me that is hard to describe. I am really excited about life and living it to the fullest. During a conversation with a lady in the class I was telling her about “Connect to the Core” by Teresa Easler. That prompted me to do it myself and since then I have been getting calls on how my presentation style has improved a few levels.

During the Lifebook session I committed to my wife that I would follow the eating plan that she put me on, it happened to be JJ Virgin’s plan . I have come from 220 lbs and am now down to 199 lbs as of today. My goal is 189l lbs – the weight I was 32 years ago when I married my wife. I have cleaned out my garage and it doubles as a gym where my wife and I exercise together. We have just got a personal trainer that can address both of our goals.

I thought Lifebook was for my wife , now I know it is for me and I pray that I can get my adult children to do it also!!!

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