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Written By Lifebook Member Laurie Gentempo My Intellectual Life was the category in which I broke through to understanding consciousness as it applies to EVERYTHING we do and as it is vital to creating everything in our lives. I wanted to master living consciously because my mind was filled with so much noise (or lack of clarity). A typical morning looked like chaos and reaction to a day of activities. My mode of operation was reacting to my commitments.  Over committing was a common theme.  There seemed to be many layers between what I truly wanted and what WAS.  This was the result of not having put clear thinking and planning into my life, or my daily habits. There were a couple of practices that I chose to create in order to turn things around.  

Written by Lifebook Member Dave Hopper This is the story of how Lifebook motivated me to fulfill my life's passion. As Jon Butcher himself could tell you, I have a lot of ideas. He could also tell you that I don't take action on most of them. That is, at least until March 2009, when I attended my second Lifebook Session. I have been through Lifebook twice – once at age 20 and again at age 23. The first time I went through I came out with an overriding goal to be the best MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter I could possibly be, and to fight in the UFC. Graduating college had become a side note. I came out of my Lifebook Session with so much motivation that I completely blew away all of my obstacles and achieved most of my goals.

Above all else, love requires action. There is a reason some couples can sustain an active love affair over a period of decades, while for others the fire goes out very quickly. It has everything to do with learning HOW to love each other. The real secret to an extraordinary love affair is that each person must be willing to DO WHAT IT TAKES to have a great relationship. True love is much more than just experiencing an emotion for a while. We must cultivate the ability to love as an action.

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