By Allen Clark “CONGRATULATIONS! You made it to the final week of Lifebook's 2018 Health and Fitness Challenge.” I love everything about that comment. I also love that “the final week” does not apply to me. Just over a month ago I would not have been able to say that. I am inspired by the progress I have experienced so far and plan to make turn this challenge into a lifestyle. I am 51, and on January 1, was literally twice the man I should be – but not in a desirable way. It was like doing everything, day and night, with another me on my back! So, my goal was to drop weight, along with some of the negative health side effects that came with being so physically… abundant. Lifebook (both this challenge and the quest, which I am currently doing), Jon, Missy, and everyone who has helped… I am surprising myself because I have a lump in my throat as I type this. I know this is supposed to be short but if I can please elaborate, to help you better understand the enormity of what you are inspiring here... The reason I said I would not have been able to say that a month ago, is while I used to embrace fitness and have a robust and enthusiastic love of life, in the past 15-20 years both of those faded to the point where my main reason for holding onto life was so my children wouldn’t have to lose their father. I was ready to go, part of me looked forward to it, and I figured at my current rate it wouldn’t be that much longer (check out my starting “fitness age” in the table below). I had occasionally begun the effort to get back in shape, but my heart wasn’t in it and there was no longer any commitment or real desire. I am so far from that now, I can hardly believe I’d sunk that low! And I am excited for what I am continuing to create daily. Here are some of the changes that have occurred so far, according to my scale and its app: Weight lost: 31.7 lbs Body Fat: -5% Muscle: +3.3% Fitness Age: -11 years!

By Lifebook Member Casey Bradburn If you even briefly met me at any time during my first 31-ish years of life, you would have known that I was tough. I just exuded an aura of bad@$$ery. I was fit, I was strong, and I was confident. I even birthed two 8- and 9-pound (posterior) babies naturally. I was one of those people that if I put my mind to something, there wasn't anything that would stop me from reaching my goals. Fast forward a little bit and the last few years have been tumultuous with various stressors from multiple categories, and over time I slowly got worn down and lost a lot of that. Of myself. I knew I needed to kick it back in gear and this challenge was the perfect motivation to do just that. Okay, so now for the challenge. What were my goals, what were my results, what happened? Well, my main goal was to lose 10 pounds, which was pretty aggressive. My secondary goals were to be able to do 2+ pull-ups and 12+ push-ups again. I'm happy to announce that I hit all of these goals! I surpassed my main goal and lost over 13.2 pounds in less than 30 days, which is about 8% of my weight. How did I do it? I'm glad you asked...

My name is EvEllen Harris. I am 39 years old and am on a quest to be in the best shape of my life by the time I am 40! To achieve this goal, I implemented a six-part goal for the Lifebook Health and Fitness Challenge 2018. Step one: Begin the challenge with a 3-5 day water fast. Step two: Workout first thing in the morning 5 days per week. Step three: Do a second wind workout in the afternoon 5 days per week. Step four: Intermittent fasting until 2:00 PM daily. Step 5: Nail my meal plan of unlimited vegetables and 3 ounces of protein at dinner. Finally, step six: Beat my sugar addiction by having NO sugar or refined carbs for the whole month. I am happy to report that I nailed all six of my goals for this challenge! As they are fond of saying in the Lifebook program: “A win here is a win everywhere!” By accomplishing all the goals I set out to achieve during this challenge, I have seen the needle move in EVERY Lifebook category. The most meaningful gains I have made were in the categories of health and fitness, emotional life, character, parenting, love relationship, and career.

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A woman is the heart of her home. Our energy is woven into the very fabric of our families. No matter what we’re doing, if we’re unhappy, everyone is unhappy. And conversely, if we’re content, everyone is content. The beauty (and sometimes, the burden) of motherhood is that we are at the center of our family’s universe. For better or worse, we are the heartbeat of our home. This is why we feel so much pressure to be and do everything in our lives. As mothers, wives, career women, homemakers, and a dozen other things, we often feel like we’re being pulled in a million different directions… and it can be difficult to maintain a positive, patient, loving, happy attitude when we feel exhausted and divided. So how can we create more balance and coherence within the different categories of our lives? Lucky for us, there are tried and true strategies we can use to create real, powerful change right now. This month, nine stunning Lifebook Career Mamas banded together to share their very best advice for creating balance and harmony within the many roles they play. Read, smile, laugh and cry along with us as we honor these brilliant ladies, and support one another on our wonderful journeys of becoming the best women we can possibly be. As always, once you’ve had a chance to read through each of the posts, share the love by commenting at the bottom of the article. We want to know what daily steps you take to maintain your inner strength! Enjoy! :)

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